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UK Visa Application Form (VAF1)

thank you. i wouldnt kave known that there is a new vaf1 form. my friend told me that its alredi new. and luckily its true. i want to study in uk and live with my divorced tita in west end london.. thanks a lot
Just replaced the form with latest
Is this OCT 11 VAF1 general visitor form updated? Please upload the new if this is old or reply in case it is the latest!
The one you uploaded seems like latest! The same is available on their website. Thanks
This looks so much simpler than the American one...
how to fill this form online? i dont know
Added by DocChamp, 6 years ago
Updated: 2 years ago ignored

Copyright remains with http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk. Application form for visa application if you want to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) as a visitor Disclaimer: Visit http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk for ...    

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