Auto export leads to Nimble for social profiling, lead qualification and lead nurturing for closing sales faster.

Nimble smartly combines your contacts, emails, social signals, activities and follow-ups in one place, providing insights and organising information for your business relationships.

The integration between edocr and Nimble enables leads captured by to be exported in real-time as prospects into Nimble. Then within Nimble, leads are enriched with documents alongside a contact’s social profiles, data and communications. This automatic process shortens lead enrichment and qualification time and aids lead nurturing, helping salespeople to be more effective and close more deals.

The integration can be activated by login into your account, and clicking on "+" on Nimble icon on the side bar of your My Account page. For detailed instructions, please visit our Help Support Desk.

The ability to surface prospects immediately and then marry their profile with rich information is the type of warm-lead system every salesperson wants in order to truly inform sales interactions.

The edocr and Nimble combo gives our users yet another unfair advantage to grow their business.


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