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Mailigen is quickly becoming a leading provider of web-based email marketing software for any size business, organization or individual. Our product philosophy is simple, make it flexible, easy to use and cost effective. As part of the iMedia family, Mailigen has a dedicated product development team with an eye for building client driven software services with industry leading functionality.

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Anatomy of an email newsletter by Mailigen - INFOGRAPHIC

We went through and extracted some key data points to create this insightful infograph for you to use when creating your next email newsletter – The Anatomy of an Email Newsletter....   More...

Mailigen Save More Leaves With Email Marketing - INFOGRAPHIC

SAVE MORE LEAVES WITH EMAIL MARKETING Bridge the gap between being green and effective! Mailigen email marketing offers a significant pay-off for both the nature and your business....   More...

Europe’s Leading Internet and Digital Marketing Conference Reaches Global Scale

World’s leading ESP Mailigen supports Internet and digital marketing conference iLive 2013 that has exceeded Europe’s limits and has reached global audience. The conference is held online and brin...   More...

Saving 3 CeBIT-Sized Forests Per Year, Mailigen Presents Green Marketing

Leading email marketing service provider Mailigen is presenting the greenest email marketing platform at CeBIT 2013 in Germany. Each year Mailigen saves a paper forest that is three times larger than ...   More...
  • mailigen
  • 1 year ago
  •   475


Short document about the basics of new email marketing account from Mailigen that allows to send email newsletters to 5,000 subscribers forever free....   More...

Mailigen Supports Startups with Epic Free Email Marketing

Mailigen launches a new product to help kickstart new businesses or existing ones that are new to email marketing. Epic Free email marketing account allows users to grow database up to 5,000 subscribe...   More...

Mailigen Stimulates SMS Marketing with Unique Platform and Price Decline

Mailigen, announces price decline of 50% for text messaging service to stimulate SMS marketing within recently launched unique platform for email, social and mobile marketing. Platform allows synching...   More...

First Email Marketing Workshop in China Initiates Asian Marketing Development

Mailigen hosted the first email marketing workshop in China in order to develop the marketing environment in Asia. Mailigen has started a series of workshops on email marketing in Europe, Asia and the...   More...
  • mailigen
  • 2 years ago
  •   772

Mailigen Releases Holiday Guide to Email Marketing

Mailigen has released a how-to guide on email marketing best practices for the holiday season, titled “Holiday Guide to Email Marketing.” The guide contains tips and guidelines for email marketers...   More...
  • mailigen
  • 2 years ago
  •   579

Holiday Guide to Email Marketing

How to not get lost in the inbox clutter? Our Holiday Guide will help you fully understand how to carefully and effectively plan, optimize and implement your email campaigns to be sure they get opened...   More...

Mailigen Participates in International Email Marketing Summit

Mailigen is scheduled to be a new participant in the International Email Marketing Summit (IEMS) this Thursday, November 15. Kicking off on the same day as the summit are a series of workshops on emai...   More...

Mailigen Integrates with Edocr.com

Mailigen has recently integrated with edocr.com that provides a highly interactive environment for publishing and distributing an organization’s public documents across the Internet. Essentially, th...   More...

Email Marketing Audit

Auditing your email marketing campaigns allows you to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Discover how your audience consumes your content, message structure and other issues by auditing: campai...   More...

10 Tips for Boosting Email Marketing ROI

Email marketing ROI is all about delivering the right campaigns to the right people at the right time. To learn how to make people respond positively to your call to action, we gathered 10 tips, inclu...   More...

List Building via Social Media

How to guide on email list building through social media. Social media is not just about communicating daily news. It can also benefit your email marketing campaigns. There are numerous ways to promot...   More...

6 Secrets to Unlocking Email Marketing ROI

Collection of the best tips for unlocking email marketing ROI. All successful marketing campaigns are based on numbers. Set up measurable goals and link them with campaign results. Calculate ROI & Cus...   More...

Leveraging Mobile to Engage Customers

Mobile has changed the marketing landscape forever. To help you skyrocket your mobile marketing strategy, we are bringing you our new how to guide. Use the Foursquare check-in option to find the inte...   More...

SMS Integration

Whitepaper on SMS integration in overall marketing strategy. Learn how to perform SMS + location based marketing, SMS + social marketing, SMS + CRM + email strategy, SMS + Google Analytics, and mobile...   More...
  • mailigen
  • 2 years ago
  •   572

Mailigen Online Surveys

Mailigen has easy to manage survey management and reporting tools, including automated segmentation by survey response. With Mailigen online surveys you can create lasting relationships with your audi...   More...
  • mailigen
  • 2 years ago
  •   577

Framework: Email Marketing Campaign Planner

Easy to use 5 step guide to help you plan, produce, test, delive and follow up your email marketing campaigns. Plan your target audience according to your business goals. Produce your message with cli...   More...


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