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edocr: The The Easy Document Management Service

edocr is a digital publishing platform that allows anyone to share document content as PDF, PPT, DOC, Google Docs, XLS, Sheets, Slides and other document types. Since our founding in 2007, edocr has provided free document sharing for tens of millions of documents. Share your documents without a login or pay wall.

The document owner controls access, not edocr!

Get your content noticed.

While sharing is free, search engine indexing is not. If you want to enhance SEO through linkbacks or generate leads you must be a Premium Level edocr user.

Please note that document shares will not be submitted to search engine bots unless you are a Premium user of edocr. This can be through either an inexpensive paid plan or through a free upgrade. Otherwise your documents may be shared, but not discoverable through search engines. Free users gain zero SEO value on edocr.

edocr's main source of revenue is our professional subscribers, but the vast amount of edocr's user base is free accounts, and we continue to offer this free service based on the advertising revenue that we receive. Please turn-off ad blockers while using edocr to help us cover our server and storage costs. Professional, charity and educational edocr users may turn off all advertisements on their pages and shared documents.

  • Content sharing with a brand new audience
  • Privacy settings completely under your control
  • Ability to embed a document viewer on your website
  • Enhance your search engine optimization with linkbacks
  • Generate leads with gated content
  • Your users may subscribe to follow you
  • efill/esign capabilities built in