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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website or content so it’s visible in a search engine’s unpaid search results. Ever wonder why your competitor is listed before you in search results? It's because they have a higher SEO value.

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We have enabled our document viewer to extract the text from your document so search engines like Google and Bing can crawl and index your content. In addition, they will also pick up all of the text and links you include in your title, description, and bio fields!

Now that you know what edocr can do to boost your search engine rankings, here’s how to get the best results.

Document Content

Include relevant links and keywords in your document. Adding links back to your website builds credibility to Google crawlers and enhances your site’s ranking. Including keywords that people use in their search query will increase the likelihood that your content will end up on the coveted first page of Google.

Additional Info

Don't forget to fill out as much information as possible when you create your content. Search engines will crawl and index the text and links you include in the title, description, and bio just as much as the ones in the document.

We're here to help you optimize your content so you can get your message out faster. edocr’s SEO features help get your documents and services found. You work hard enough creating great content, put edocr to work for you so you can optimize your content and work smarter. You may also want to review Google’s guidelines for ways to help search engines find and rank your entire site.

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