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Upload your documents, create an instant web URL. No more emailing large documents. You control access, not edocr. Set public, private, or require email for leadgen. Publish from PDF, DOC, PPT, Google Docs, XLS and more. Your Content Marketing Distribution Strategy needs to include edocr!

Marketing through your business documents is a great way for your prospects and customers to not only find you, but also learn about your business. Brochures, case studies, white papers, and testimonials help prospective customers, while service manuals and FAQs can help your current customers. Host them all here with edocr!

Using Templates for Fast Uploads

One of the goals of edocr is to allow users to create content fast and easy. That's why edocr has a feature called templates. Templates make everything simple by storing details about a previously published document for use later. When publishing a new document with a template, all you need to do is choose something to upload and give it a title. Everything else is pre-populated for you. See this blog post for more information on using templates.