BC Fly Fishing Lodge

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BC Fly Fishing Lodge BC Fly Fishing Lodge is a unique BC fly fishing lodge offering unforgettable guided fly fishing on pristine wilderness rivers in the Canada. Caverhilllodge provides wild native Rainbow Trout that have likely never been caught before. This is fly fishing in it's purest form. At caverhill Lodge, Likely, BC, Canada. Fly Fishing Lodge Vacation A caverhilllodge fishery is a designation made in the Canada to identify recreational fisheries of notable high quality. Our licensed and trained fishing guides are excited to share their professional expertise and personal passion for fishing. They go above and beyond to ensure that your fishing experience is both enjoyable and successful. caverhilllodge provides adequate water quality and quantity to sustain a viable fishery. Please visit us to Enjoy the solitude and absorb the moment. Caverhilllodge http://www.caverhilllodge.com/ Lodge Services Caverhill Lodge provides superior full service fly fishing vacations including: Three hearty gourmet meals per day A western-style breakfast complimented with gourmet coffee and fresh fruit A deli-style packed lunch with homemade cookies Evening dining features an enticing variety of main courses, complemented by fresh local produce, fresh bread and pastries Deluxe wilderness accommodations Cozy cabins supplied with all linens Cabins equipped with cold water and environmental toilets Private modern washrooms in a central location Caverhill Lodge History Caverhill Lodge offers a truly Canadian fly fishing lodge vacation experience in a historical setting. Our hunting and fishing camp was established in 1947 by D.K. Ellis. In the early years, the lodge’s clients were a rugged breed of Americans seeking to explore the interior of British Columbia. Groups would arrive by horse back or float plane and stay for two weeks or more. Cabins had canvas walls and tin stoves. Meals were prepared in the cook shack and featured good home cooking however fresh produce would have been a rarity. Often guests built rafts or carried wooden boats more than a mile to explore the hot new fishing territory. No one fished before camp chores were done. Chopping wood and carrying water for the cook were on the top of the list.


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