A Detailed Guide to Dumbbell Sets Exercises for Women

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A Detailed Guide to Dumbbell Sets Exercises for Women If you are serious about incorporating dumbbell exercises into your fitness routine, it’s important to find the perfect dumbbell sets for women to use for your regular workouts. Don’t know where to look and what to pick? Below are some factors to look at: The right weight: Choosing the weight variation of dumbbell sets for women can be confusing since there is a wide range of options out there. Coaches often recommend starting with lighter weights to those who are new to strength training. If you are a beginner, then it’s safer to use them until you have mastered the proper form for common dumbbell exercises. You can gradually transition to heavier dumbbells as you get stronger. Type of exercise: When it comes to dumbbells, one size doesn't fit all. If you'll be doing bicep curls, you might need to lift heavier dumbbells than those you use for triceps curls. Your biceps are stronger than your triceps. Thus, they are capable of lifting heavier weights than your triceps. For beginners, the recommended dumbbells for bicep curls weigh between five to eight pounds. If you'll be doing lateral raises, your dumbbells should be between two to five pounds. You can use these same set of dumbbells for other exercises such as bent over rows, upright rows, and triceps kickbacks. To get the most out of your strength training, you might want to buy three dumbbell sets for women ranging from light to heavy weights to accommodate different types of exercises. The following exercises are some of the best dumbbell exercises for women that you can try at your home any time, even during those lazy mornings. 1. Single arm row 2. Dumbbell chest press 3. Split Squat 4. Seated shoulder press 5. Lying triceps extension When to increase the weights? The best time to start adding one or two more pounds is when you start to notice a significant improvement in your strength. Usually, you'll feel the intensity of muscle strain decreasing as you exercise. That means you are getting stronger and are ready to add more challenge to your workout. When this happens, it may be time to buy heavier dumbbells. But don’t rush—make sure to incorporate them gradually into your routine.

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