Christmas And New year Eve Foodie In Amsterdam

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Christmas And New year's Eve Foodie In Amsterdam A Christmas and New Year's Eve party calls for great food in Amsterdam. Royal Thai Restaurant is ready to celebrate these festivals with you by ofering variety of thai dishes. So, are you ready? To celebrate and enjoy these festivals with Thaise Restaurant. Make Your Christmas & New Year Celebration With Sparkle And Shine Hope this magic christmas and new year brings a lot of happinesses in your life and may enjoy each and every year with delicious food. Set new year Resolution i.e expectations and reality. With royals celebrate christmas and welcome the new year with full of things that have never been. Royal Restaurant ofers exclusive services on these festivals. You can fully take advantage of these services in amsterdam at Thai Restaurant. OFFERS COMPLETE MENU: Thai ofers complete menu services to the customers. You can also relish on the special festivals at thai restaurant in de mijn buurt. BANGKOK MENU: Ofer for min. 2 persons at 2,,0 p.p. Sat Kai, Geang Chud Woonsen Kai, Peneng Kai, Neua Phad Nam Man Hoi, Thai steamed rice, Ice cream or Cofee or Tea. CHEANG MAI MENU: Ofer for min 2 persons at 26,0 p.p. Pho pia jee, Tom Yam Pak Tofu, Geang Khiow Waan Tofu Pak, Priow I'm Tofu Pak, Ice cream or Cofee or Tea. PUKET MENU: Ofer for min 2 persons at 42,0 p.p. Thod Man Pla(thai fsh cakee, Pho Thaek soup, Pla Chuchee, Koong Kratiam Prik Thai, Thai steamed rice, Ice cream or Cofee or Tea. ROYAL THAI SPECIAL MENU: Ofer for min 2 persons at 40,0 p.p. Royal Mix Starters (combination of starterse. Tom Kha Kai (chicken soup with coconut milke. Geang Ped Neua (Thai red curry with beef & vegetablese. Pla Rad King (deep fried fsh with ginger,mushrooms in Thai special saucee. Fried rice or noodle. Ice cream & Cofee or Tea. Bring your friends & family to enjoy these festivals with delicious thai dishes. Source Link: foodie-in-amsterdam/

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IF your tastes stretch to the exotic and mysterious Far East, then you’ve to head for the city centre .There, you will find Exotic Thai, where the extensive authentic menu includes soups, thai salads,appetizers,vegetarian starters before you even get to the main course options featuring a great choice of fish dishes, such as king prawn, crab, and squid not to mention the range of Chef’s special dishes. Food is served in traditional Thai dishes and you will find the excellent waiter service attentive and helpful, and ready with advice on each of the delicious dishes.
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