FSSAI Guidelines and Regulations for Food Safety 2017

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FSSAI GUIDELINES FOR FOOD SAFETY FSSAI - Introduction The Food Safety & Standards Act. 2006 enacted by the legislature of India to improve the performance of the food industry. The primary purpose of the Act is to regulate the functioning of food operator, online seller, manufacturer, distributor, and importer. Any food manufacturing or food processing or packaging or distributing entity is now required to obtain a food license under FSSAI. In a Nutshell You need FSSAI License to do food business in India FSSAI - Act Empowers • Lay down science-bases standards for the food products. • To regulate the storage. manufacturing, distribution, sales and import of the food products. • To facilitate food safety. • Prevention of the food adulteration. • To lay guidelines for laboratories food testing. • Promote the awareness about food safety in India. • Providing scientific advice and technical support to the state and central Government in the matter of framing rules and policies that are related to food safety and nutrition. • conduct survey of administration and enforcement of this Act. Maggi Ban By FSSAI Remember what happened to Maggi in Early 2016? The Food business operators (FBOs) The Food business operators (FBOs) can register with the FSSAI in accordance with the registration procedure laid by the authority. Food Licenses and Registration is the imperative for doing business related to any stage of processing, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, storage, and distribution of food products in India. That is why it is crucial for the FBOs to obtain the license. Three types of licenses FSSAI Issues three types of licenses Basic Registration For Turnover Less than ₹ 12 Lakh State License For Turnover between ₹ 12 Lakh to ₹ 20 Crore Central License For Turnover more than ₹ 20 Crore Online Registration and License FSSAI builds trust and confidence in your food products Validity & Renewal FBOs can register their business through the online application system. No need to send the application by post or personally visiting the center to get the license. After visiting the FSSAI website the FBO require to sign up by providing contact details. After that, the FBO can apply for the registration and license by providing the mandatory information and relevant details. If the food business operator company with all the requirements and rules they are provided with the registration certificated by a statutory authority. The registering authority also carries out a food safety inspection of the registered establishment at least once in a year to ensure that the FBO is complying with the FSSAI rules and regulations. FBOS PENALTIES They are liable for heavy penalties in case not holding the License FBOS Penalties Any person or business selling the food product that is not in compliance with the provision of the food safety Act is liable to a penalty of five lakh rupees. • Also, if any person manufactures or sell product for human consumption which is sub-standard is liable to a penalty of five lakhs rupees. • Also, if any person manufactures, stores, imports, or sell food product containing extraneous matter is liable to a penalty of one lakhs rupees. • If the food business operator or food product importer fails to comply with the perquisites of the Act or rules and regulations laid by statutory authority is liable to a penalty up to two lack rupees. Looking for FSSAI License? Enterslice has helped entrepreneurs like you get FSSAI License Making Starting and managing business easier Enterslice is Cloud based CA and Legal Platform driven by AI GET FREE CONSULTANCY Customer Helpline: +91 9069142028 (IVR) Email: info@enterslice.com Website: www.enterslice.com

FSSAI has defined a common procedure for all food business operators to apply for food License. FSSAI has been established under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which consolidates various Acts and orders.

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