Converting Journals Into eBooks Is A Smart Move. Here’s Why!

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5. Increased usage eBooks eliminate many of the drawbacks that the on-shelf journals have. For example, simultaneous access by multiple readers is not possible when it comes to an on-shelf journal. On the contrary, an online journal or an eBook can be accessed by multiple users at the same time. Also, since online journals are readily available on the internet, the likelihood of people referring them for a read is higher than that of a printed version. 4. Increased contribution of titles Publishers are now able to come up with large and cost-effective packages, thanks to the influence of digital delivery. Due to the increased contribution of titles, libraries find it easier to purchase and expand the number of journals. Interestingly, many libraries have realized the significance of eBook journal colections, and are moving towards an electronic-only status. 1. Easy to monitor usage stats eBooks converted into online journals, if properly designed, alow easy monitoring of usage and that too in a detailed manner. These usage stats help the libraries in the decision-making process while expanding their journal colection. 3. Reduction in maintenance costs Printed journals required proper maintenance and protection against damage and loss. However, the case is different with the online journals, which do not require high maintenance, thus bringing down the costs involved. 2. Simplified research With the help of an online journal, a researcher can search across catalogs in less than no time, even within documents, or across groups of documents for that matter. This has made the process of research far simpler than before. The eBook Advantage Converting Journals Into Ebooks Is A Smart Move. Here's Why! Long gone are the days when institutional libraries used to have only the printed versions of academic journals. The world is moving to eBooks and so are the libraries. Converting journals into eBooks and uploading them online has definitely brought in a higher reader base than before. According to a study conducted by Springer, many libraries see the purpose of eBooks as two-fold i.e. increasing the existing colection and enhancing the research experience of the users. Converting journals into eBooks can be very easy if you opt for journal publishing services. Here are some of the advantages this conversion can offer: Converting journals into eBooks can be a tedious task. You'l have to decide on a specific layout and design to improve the credibility of your journal. This process is better left to the professionals that offer Fixed Layout eBook Conversion for journals. Not sure how to go about converting your journals into eBooks? Fret not. With our journal publishing services, it'l be a piece of cake. Professionals at SunTec India are wel-versed in the nuances of Fixed Layout eBook Conversion to help make the task easier. Just write to us at Copyright Notice 2018 SunTec Web Services Pvt. Ltd.


Converting journals into eBooks helps in enhancing the user’s research experience and increasing the existing collection of journals. To know more visit

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