Nocturia Market - Register a promising growth rate 2024

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Nocturia Market - Register a promising growth rate 2024 Global Nocturia Market: Snapshot Nocturia, also known as nocturnal polyuria, is a medical condition in which patients get a frequent urge to urinate while sleeping at night. It is particularly prevalent among the elderly who often find it difficult to sleep properly. The three broad categories of nocturia are mixed nocturia, bladder storage prob- lems, and nocturnal polyuria. Although, women between 18 to 49 years of age are more susceptible to noc- turia than men, after the age of 60, it is men who are more prone to it. In order to treat nocturia, uncovering of neurological disorders, hypertension, cardiac symptoms, and intake of medicines such as cardiac glycosides is a must. Pa- tients also need to be diagnosed for lower limb edema, sleep apnea, obesity, and pelvic analysis. This diagnostics segment of the nocturia market will likely keep driving demand upwards on account of a burgeoning elderly popu- lation worldwide. Request Sample Copy of the Report @ From a geographical standpoint, North America, powered by the highly devel- oped healthcare infrastructure in the advanced nations of Canada and the U.S. is a key region in the global nocturia market. It is trailed by Europe which is also witnessing a growth in the market owing to a surging geriatric popula- tion, sponsorship from government agencies and other companies, and other crucial support. Apart from Europe and North America, Asia Pacific and the Rest of the World are also significantly contributing to the market, particularly in the area of research for development of new and more effective therapeu- tics. Both for aspiring and existing are exploring the opportunities for growth in the region Global Nocturia Market: Brief Description Nocturia, or nocturnal polyuria, is a medical condition wherein patients expe- rience frequent urge to urinate at night after sleeping. Especially among the el- der patients, the lack of sleep often leads to nocturia, and is not to be mistaken by enuresis or bedwetting where patients do no wake up to avoid it. Rated among the most distressing symptoms in older men and women, nocturia is classified into three prominent categories namely bladder storage problems, nocturnal polyuria, and mixed nocturia. Although the women aged between 18 to 49 years are more prone to nocturia than men, the ratio reverses after 60 years of age. Nocturia in some cases are also caused by conditions such as urological infection, liver infection, tumor of bladder, diabetes, diuretic medi- cations, pregnancy, and regular alcohol or coffee intake at night among others. Depression, low level of physical activities, mental stress, and congestive heart failure may also lead to nocturia. This report observes that the preva- lence of two or more nocturia among men aged between 70 to 79 years is ap- proximately 50%. Request TOC of the Report @ As per an article by Medscape in 2010, 58% women and 66% men in the country of the U.S. suffer from nocturia and the percentage is expected to rise to 72% to 91% respectively for age group of over 80 years. With the rising geriatric population across the world, the market for nocturia is estimated for a healthy growth rate during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025. Global Nocturia Market: Trends and Prospects For proper treatment of nocturia, diagnosis to identify neurological disorders, cardiac symptoms, intake of medicines such as cardiac glycosides, and hyper- tension is imperative. The patients should also be thoroughly diagnosed for sleep apnea, obesity, lower limb edema, and pelvic analysis. These diagnostics segment of nocturia market is estimated to maintain consistent demand as the geriatric population surges across the global. According to the National Insti- tute of Aging, 1.6 billion people will be aged over 65 by 2050. Pelvic organ prolapse repair and surgical intervention with respect to transurethral prostate- ctomy are the last approaches for physicians and surgeons. Nocturia in past couple of years has gained a lot of attention and prompted researches and manufacturers to invest and thereby improve quality sleep and overall life rat- ing. Some of the pipeline drugs include desmopressin acetate, afacifenacin, fe- dovapagon, ASP-7035, lidocaine, Paxerol among others. Read Comprehensive Overview of Report @ Global Nocturia Market: Geographical Outlook Owing to robust healthcare infrastructure, the U.S. and Canada make North America as the most lucrative region in the global market for nocturia, al- though Europe too is experiencing escalation in demand due to rising aging population, feasible support, and sponsorship from government agencies and other companies. Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World market in terms of re- search activities are not contributing too significantly in the global nocturia market but for existing and new entrants these regions render pool of opportu- nities to explore and grow owing to developments in healthcare infrastructure, rise in disposable income, and increasing incidences of diabetes and bladder cancer conditions. Astellas Pharma Inc., Allergan, Inc., Urigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Vantia Therapeutics, Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. are some of the key companies currently operational in global nocturia market. 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