5 Questions You Should Be Asking an SAP Consulting Partner You’re About to Engage With

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5 Questions You Should Be Asking an SAP Consulting Partner You're About to Engage With Once you have made the decision to outsource SAP consulting, the next major decision on your hand is to choose between the top SAP consulting partners that you should get on board with your project. Their insights are crucial and will have a great influence on the direction that your business will take in terms of implementing the technology. With the sheer number of potential SAP consulting partners competing for your business, it is important to find the best fit for your goalsone with a deep understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and will help you unify strategies into one cohesive plan of action. Here are some important questions that you should ask a potential consulting partner before signing the dotted line: Are you certified consultants with cross-functional and cross-industry experience? Certifications and qualifications are important, but so is their experience with working with projects and/or businesses just like your own. You want a team that can provide you with ample support as well as the skills, knowledge, and expertise to cover all that SAP is all about, including alignment to the changing business landscape and your increasing operational base. Do you support the latest technology? Choose a partner that has robust infrastructure and communication channels, telecommunication capabilities, and systematic technological management processes for successful SAP operations. Do you believe in the same things? Company culture is a crucial consideration whenever entering any type of consultancy relationship. When vetting SAP consulting partners, favor those that believe in the same business and operational principles as you do. Do you have a standardized process flow for IT governance, risk management, incident management, and accountability? This is crucial for the consistency and efficiency of your SAP implementation. Finally, do you offer any other support services? Ask about their delivery models and other supplementary services they can offer in addition to their basic services.


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Knack Systems is a certified SAP Partner and premium SAP consulting firm. The company has supported various complex business problems with their simple SAP business solutions. Their offered customizes SAP implementation solutions include SAP Hybris cloud for Customer, comprising SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales and SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, Hybris eCommerce, and more.
Knack Systems is a Premium Partner of SAP with a focus around Customer Management which includes Cloud Solutions, Hybrid Solutions, E-commerce and Analytics. Knack Systems provides end to end services in SAP transformation programs including solution road-maps, implementations, integration services, roll-outs, support, upgrades, testing and package evaluations.


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