Different Types Of Non Biodegradable And Eco Coffins And Caskets

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Different Types Of Non Biodegradable And Eco Coffins And Caskets Have you been wondering what are the different types of coffins and caskets? In this article we will tackle different types of coffins that you see on funerals and memorial events. Coffins and caskets literally mean the same and both of these are vessels that would contain a deceased body. Coffin is the terminology used to denote box to contain a body during burial ceremonies. North America was the one who introduced the term casket which will store a deceased body to be used later for the burial ceremony. Even if the two both share a lot of characteristic, still cheap coffins appear a lot different compared to caskets in terms of size and design. Coffins are usually made with 6 to 8 sides where caskets have only 4. Caskets also have a split lid to let families and relatives take a peek on the body at the wake. Coffins don’t have an open lid. Both of them however are lined with a special fabric inside like velvet. Most coffins also have tapered ends while caskets don’t. Here are the different kinds of coffins and caskets that you may possible come across with: There are cloth covered caskets and coffins and the base material for this one can be corrugated cardboard, pressed wood or fibreboard. The exterior layer of the box is covered with cloth and its interior lining is manually sewn by craftsmen. This one is sold at inexpensive prices and the reason why its not that expensive can be due to the materials used and the manufacturing process used with is not that extensive. Here comes the famous veneer caskets and coffins made from durable wood veneer. This is one of the expensive products to choose from. Its exquisite, contoured design along with topnotch finish makes it a bit pricey amongst others. Also, the technology used to produce veneer caskets and coffins have started since 4000 years ago so by knowing that mere fact gives the client with are reassurance of the durability and excellence of quality of veneer caskets and coffins. Here comes the eco coffins and caskets. These products are made from environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo, cardboard, seagrass or willow. Most of these are handcrafted and not mass produced. The lining of these products are also made from 100% natural cotton. As this is meant to be environmentally safe, craftsmen ensures to use only biodegradable raw materials that will easily decompose in time.

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