Excellent User Experience – Key to Revenue Generation

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White Paper Excellent User Experience Key to Revenue Generation www.biztechconsultancy.com sales@biztechconsultancy.com What is User Experience? “Customer experience is a long lasting asset garnered over various interactions and over time. Each communication matters and loyalty is always on litmus test. Usefulness, Ease of Use and Enjoyability are three key factors that determine customer experience.” 2 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com What Do Customers Want?  Easy access to service on their conditions  Evidence that a business cares  To be heard  Do not want unpleasant surprises How to Deliver What Customers Want? A few tips are available to deliver what customers want! Simple yet effective! 3 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com Usefulness: Usefulness is imperative. Your business can be useful when it allows customers to get what they want and delivers the purpose. Enhance usefulness of a channel by adopting some or all of strategies. User-Friendliness: Ease of use is a feel-good aspect. If a business lacks in usability, users may be forced to do self service but it does not build loyalty. Therefore usability tends to be a granted expectation and not a value-add. Pleasurable: It brings in the WOW factor. Users must enjoy navigating the website. The website should engage customers through presentation and diverse content type, and simultaneously influence user to buy. Web 2.0 has refined the browsing experience of users. Smart search, user-friendliness, customized service, and rich interaction are the pleasure boosters. All these tips would require high bandwidth and organization should gear up to offer such speeds. Align Your Customer Service With Your Brand The brand name of any business goes beyond its name and logo. It can earn loyal customers and acquire more customers. The ideal way to create a strong brand message is to deliver quality customer service. How to do so! First you must place the core building blocks in place. 4 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com 1. Create a Clear Brand Promise Setting of proper expectations is one of the challenges for any enterprise. You must take time off to clearly mention what your brand is about. What you are and aren’t ready to do when it comes to customer service? Evade all confusion, educate your customers to help them set their expectations for the kind of help and preference they can get in case they have an issue. 2. Make it Mandatory to Follow Brand Promise All the employees from top to bottom should know the brand promise. Management level executive are responsible for enforcing this. The process should flow from top to bottom. If you fall within above business types, responsive web design is the solution! 3. Chalk out your Values Small businesses may not develop a mission statement but they can still script into a few words what their vision is. Write it down and use it as the cornerstone for the brand promise you and your employees want to deliver. Align Your Customer Service With Your Brand Happy employees tend to do better work and better customer service. Unhappy staff members also tend to leave a business fast, quashing any amount of time and investment you’ve put into them. It is ideal to follow up with support and feedback once you have trained employees and given the tools to offer best service. You deserve to be happy! 5 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com 4. Define Flexible Customer Service Process Once drafting your vision, take the time to map out your customer service plan. It’s time to explain your employees the proper way of doing things and also make them understand in some situations they can be flexible. Help them learn value of consistency but avoid delivering a robotic response. 5. Measure Customer Service and Seek Feedback Track your customer service to ensure it support your brand image. The ideal way is seeking feedback. This particularly applies to small businesses, as your customers might know you personally. Once feedback are received and addressed, don’t hesitate to call for follow up. If you fall within above business types, responsive web design is the solution! Train Your Front Office Staff Set your staff for great service with these four steps:  Provide them easy access to information including all core business data, like status of an order, or the price and inventory records of a product.  Let them know the answers to common questions.  Let them know how to describe the features of the products/services they are selling. Let them also know how to explain the logic behind business policies.  Just ensure they can fix issues right away. Most of incidents where employees went rude were witnessed because they were not aware how to respond to a reasonable customer request. Your employees are the representative of your organization to your customers. They must be equipped with the tools and guidance required or else they will fail, and your business will churn customers. 6 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com Boost Employee Morale “Contented employees deliver improved customer service. Dissatisfied staff fails to put extra efforts to resolve customer complaint. Employees that are not happy tend to leave an organization fast, disregarding the degree of time and investment you’ve spent on them. Once employees have been trained and given the tools to offer great service, follow up with support and positive feedback. It’s time to get happy!” 7 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com  Organize frequent ���victory sessions.”  Allow all to share their toughest customer service time and how they managed it.  Each individual should get recognized for what they did inclusive of the “low performers”  This allows employees to solve customer issues on the spot.  The meetings can encourage staff to work hard to achieve something encouraging for sharing at the “victory session.”  Everyone will get to know about new methods to tackle customer grievances. Manage Employees Prudently 8 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com If the above factors - rich user experience, horizontal navigation and faster development time are your priority, you need to embrace Mobile Web App approach. Try to know from your employees their greatest frustrations while offering customer service Act on at least one of the issues. It will have a positive impact on boosting the morale of your employees, as they will realize that there is hope these things will change. They will be encouraged to share again in the future, before a problem develops. If you receive a customer complaint about any employee, don’t immediately scold them First, ask them why they said and what they did. Convince them about your believe on them. Chances are they might be lacking some tools or some other changes that will give you the opportunity to change that. Track Customer Communications After you have trained your staff about delivering great service, you can inspect if they understood it well. This can be done in many ways. 9 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com Personal Inspection In your store or office, listen to your employee and customer conversations. Be more attentive to how employees reply to comments. Ask for Feedback Try asking your customers, looking them in the eyes, “How are we doing?” This is the best way to stay connected with customer. Remove Barriers with Customers Ask for feedback on things like email and invoices. You will get a mix of compliments and complaints, which will get opportunity to celebrate great service, and correct issues you weren’t aware of. If you fall within above business types, responsive web design is the solution! Provide Contact Person’s Information Sharing your email and, if possible, mobile number will send a message to customers that you are here to help. Focus On Right Customer Metrics Concentrating to the following nine aspects will drastically shift your staff members’ mindset. 10 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com 1. Empathy Did your employee use a tone and expression while face-to-face conversation that displays their genuine cared about the complaint? 2. Active Listening Did they exhibit they were actively listening; by paraphrasing back the customers’ averments to cross check the complaint was properly understood? 3. Knowledge Did they understand your business’s policies in regards to the incident? 4. Clear Understanding Did they understand why your business policies are in the customer’s interest? Focus On Right Customer Metrics 11 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com 5. Empowerment Did the employee know how to use empowerment and flexibility to satisfy the customer? 6. Preventative Measures Did the employee help the customer avoid a future problem by anticipating what they might need going forward? 7. Emotional Connection Is your employee able to develop an emotional bonding with the customer? 8. Prevention Can your employee prevent any customer issue in the first place? 9. Customer Rating From the customer’s point of view, how your employee would rate the overall conversation? Consider Customers as Media REPS Ask below four questions to yourself and your managers and ensure the answers are shared with all frontline staff: 1. How many new customers come from personal referrals? 2. What should we do to offer memorable and happy service transactions to customers? 3. How should we spend to acquire new customer? It may include money spent on marketing, advertising, or other sales initiatives. 4. How much would it cost to make all service transactions happily memorable for customers? The answers to the questions would surely surprise you how important is word-of-mouth referrals as this is the most effective way of customer acquisition. The consistent growth of a small business eventually comes down to making a profit. Considering a small segment of people who spend based only on discounts, the ideal way to earn the right to charge a premium price at your business is to deliver excellent service. It has been observed, sensitivity to price doubles when a consumer complaint; and it again multiplies if they experience yet another issue. But if you provide excellent service it justifies expense, as they consider what they’re paying for is worth it. It can earn you a lifetime customer. “The most inexpensive and effective way to customer acquisition is word of mouth referrals from other satisfied customers. You can handle word of mouth by offering a great experience every time a customer approaches you. You can measure word of mouth with right training and common sense.” 12 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com Things to Remember  A strong brand image attracts loyal customers.  Employees should be empowered to offering great services.  Contented employee covers extra mile for keeping customers happy.  “Inspect what you expect” and track customer conversations.  Define ways to offer preventative service by monitoring customer metrics.  Happy customer referrals are most effective and inexpensive way to get new business. 13 White Paper by www.biztechconsultancy.com “It’s five times costly to acquire a new customer as to retain an old one. Invest in your old customers by offering great service!” 302, Shridhar Complex, Near Sardar Patel Statue, Naranpura, Ahmedabad - 380013. Gujarat, India. www.biztechconsultancy.com sales@biztechconsultancy.com +91-987-962-2024


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