Thomas Salzano - No Boundaries Shall Stop You to Make and Pursue Your Career Decisions

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Thomas Salzano - No Boundaries Shall Stop You to Make and Pursue Your Career Decisions Your career decision should be as per your choice so that you can happily put in the desired efforts to reach your final goals, says Thomas Salzano a famous blogger and a motivational speaker. Thomas says that it’s not new to be confused or tensed while taking a decision related to your career. But the strange part is to think that you can only have 1 career and that too for the whole of your life. Your career is in your hands and so is the decision making power To make a decision is always a process full of confusion, stress, and anxiety. The problem is not with what is best for you; the problem nowadays is the level of capability. The capability and willingness to achieve more have increased the number of career options that one has. It’s in human nature to consult with others and then decide which suggestions should be considered. In this process of consulting you sometimes lose your confidence and the phase of self-doubt starts. This is the reason why you are advised to analysis the whole situation yourself and take an independent decision. In this fast-moving life and frequently changing life scenarios, you need to be flexible and quick to adapt to the changes and gell up with the people around you. The Five-Step Career Decision Making Process that you can consider ● Self- Assessment The first step in the process of decision making you need to assess your interests, values, and personality. Additional to this you need to be aware of your technical and transferable skills. Other facts like the geographical preferences, organizational culture, work-life balance, financial needs, and accessibility matters and should be considered while self- assessment. ● Identify the career option with your research skills There is just one common loophole in the process of career decision making that we don’t do proper research related to the career option we have. Some options like part-time jobs, freelancing, starting your own YouTube channel or become a blogger are career options that are neglected. The main concentration is on options like becoming a doctor, teacher, etc. Learn as much as you can about the employers within your field of interest, trends in the industry, and the latest industry news. ● Evaluation and Prioritize After you are done with your research and have listed down the career option. The next step is to reflect. Now reflect on the aspects like the pro and cons of the field you follow and evaluate how well it matches up with who you are and what you want. Remember to consider all the points even if negative and if the career option does not seem right you can rethink and explore other options in life. ● Take Action or Try Options Actions like enrolling yourself for coaching related to the career option or taking an internship in the selected field. Other than these two options there you can prefer talking with a professional or get involved in extracurricular activities. Gaining experience lets you clean the doubts about your career and your abilities by making your professional strong and confident. ● Reflect and Re-evaluate Reflecting on your decisions is important. Reflecting is the most critical step as you may feel frustrated but if you pass this you are all set to go. Re-evaluation is the right method that boosts your confidence as now you are sure that your decision is final and no further involvement of anyone is needed. Thomas Salzano says that it is not important to stick in one job for your entire life. If you have the capability you are free to try career options like “Portfolio Career” where you can opt for a series of jobs, each for a short time, rather than one job for a long time. The new generation demands a new variety of options as per the changing trends in society and the easy accessibility to enhance your skills and develop interest. Portfolio Career You can make your career portfolio around a collection of skills and interests with one essential skill that is self-management. With a choice of having a portfolio career you enjoy the perks like: ● Flexibility You can manage your jobs as per the dependence on the nature of the jobs within your working bundle, it may also provide flexibility. Options like consultant, freelancer, blogger, tutor etc provide flexibility to you. ● Multiple sources of income This is the best advantage of a portfolio career that you are not reliant on one source of income for your financial livelihood. You can work seasonally and earn throughout the year. All you need to have the capability and self-management skills. ● It’s time to follow your passion There is a time when we wish to allocate or time in the passion we wished to pursue but were not able to. 9 to 10 hours of the regular job will not give you the flexibility to focus on your passion and learn the skills related to it. Basically you the flexibility and choice to manage your time and jobs as per your choice and capabilities. Some examples related to a portfolio career 1. A person with a portfolio career can be an accountant who works three days a week with one employer, teaches part-time at a local college as a guest lecturer, and has a consulting or tax practice on the side. 2. Another example is Thomas Salzano itself who is a traveler, a blogger who mainly writes about his travel stories is a professional photographer and captures landscape pictures and last but not the least is a motivational speaker. 3. Another example can be an employee who has a shift of 8 hours a day with the weekend off. He is working in an IT company and has a restaurant of his own which he manages after office hours. Whereas he also performs with the band in the restaurant as a guitarist and composes songs for his band. These are some real-life examples of portfolio management. People do prefer a portfolio career and this type of career is famous among the freelancers. Thomas has given us a clear insight into how we should be responsible for our own career decision, he talked about the steps that are involved in the process of decision making and gave us a new generation solution that is portfolio career.


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