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Powerful Multi-Platform Document & Imaging Technology for Developers Document SDKs Conversion Convert images from one format to another and bitmap images to scalable, editable images in seconds. Creates batch conversion processes and eliminates compatibility issues. Compression Powerful color reduction methods are available for maximum quality and minimum size, using dithering or halftone. Reads and writes metadata without decoding or recompressing an image. Annotation Add, edit, and burn-in XML-based annotations. Custom annotations support lets you define your own annotation types. Granular security settings provide annotation access control. Viewing Have complete control over how applications display images. Functions like anti-aliasing and smoothing display color and black-and- white images clearly. Provide a better UX with thumbnail creation for easy navigation of folders and multi-page files. OCR With support for over 100 different languages, ImageGear lets you OCR documents using auto-zoning or user- defined zones, and output the results to text-based PDF, PDF/A, Word, HTML, XML, and other output types. Editing & Cleanup Perform functions such as crop, resize, create thumbnails, rotate, and adjust brightness and contrast. Automatically remove dotted/solid lines and hole punch marks, clean borders, crop, despeckle, deskew, remove noise, and more. Download free trials at ImageGear Integrate robust document and image editing and processing functionality into your software applications with an SDK library that supports more than 100 image fi le types. Multiple editions are available to fi t your preferred environment. A Portfolio of Imaging Tools That Fits Your Needs Barcode Xpress Detect, read, and write more than 30 types of barcodes with speed and accuracy. In just a few lines of code, you can integrate the most accurate 1D or 2D barcode recognition into your applications. Supports Linux, Windows, Android/iOS, .NET/WPF, Java, C/C++, and Objective-C. OCR Xpress This OCR SDK provides a quick and easy way to extract text from black- and-white or color images, and convert it into searchable PDFs or text. Includes help file documentation, samples, and the libraries required to quickly add OCR to your Node.js, Linux, C/C++, or Java application. ImagXpress A collection of libraries that add image processing to your Windows applications. Add functions like image editing, conversion, compression, and color adjustment to your Windows application. Code is easy to implement and comes with comprehensive code examples. FormSuite Integrate powerful character recognition (OCR, ICR, and OMR), form identification, form dropout, scanned document cleanup, and more to eliminate slow, costly manual data entry and data extraction for structured forms. ScanFix Xpress A comprehensive document image processing SDK that gives your applications the power to automatically clean up and correct scanned image files with little or no operator intervention. Document cleanup improves the accuracy of subsequent processes such as optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), and forms processing. US/CAN +1 800 875 7009 INT +1 813 875 7575

Document SDKs

Powerful Multi-Platform Document & Imaging Technology for Developers

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