Rogue Punter Horse Racing Tips Review

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Rogue Punter Review, by Aaron Collins Click Here to Know More About Rogue Punter Thank You! DISCOVER HOW I'VE MADE OVER 2,400 PER MONTH BY DOING WHAT OTHERS DON'T This simple approach to betting will make you more than any other tipster you are following so I have ONE piece of important advice for you... If you're not making over 2,400 per month from your betting, ditch your tipsters and keep reading on. I'm Aaron Collins and for a lot of years I followed tipsters, I ditched the unprotable ones and stuck with the protable ones. I was making a bit of cash, but no where near what I wanted from my betting. A few hundred per month but by the time I'd taken out my subscription costs I was lucky to break the 200 barrier. What I found over those years following many tipsters is that they all did the same thing. - Same bets every day. - Lay tipsters picked lays every day. - Win tipsters picked wins every day. - Each way tipsters picked each way bets every day. Why? Some said they were following a system, which is fair enough, but these turned out to be the services that weren't all that protable. Others simply didn't reply to my question, I'm sure you've experienced that. I'm sure lots do it because that's what other tipsters do. Others probably don't have the knowledge or simply cannot be arsed to look over the days racing to nd the best bets. That's what I wanted. Someone who looked over the racing and gave me the best bets possible, no matter what type or bet or market, just give me the best bets they can. Ever come across a tipster who is absolutely shocking at picking winners? I have and I haven't unfollowed some of these yet and I'll explain why shortly! I've been a horse race bettor for many years, created systems and picked my own bets way before I started following tipsters, but I got lazy, fell for the marketing more times than I care to mention and got stuck in a rut joining new tipsters only to be disappointed over and over again. Like I mentioned, a few were good, but none gave me what I wanted. Last Summer I decided to stop being lazy and do it myself. If it went pear shaped I'd go back to following the few good tipsters I'd found. Rogue Punter Review, by Aaron Collins Click Here to Know More About Rogue Punter Thank You! Fast forward just over 6 months and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. I WITHDREW 15,000 FROM MY BETTING ACCOUNT JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS, THE MOST I HAVE EVER WITHDRAWN FROM MY ACCOUNT! Rogue Punter Review, by Aaron Collins Click Here to Know More About Rogue Punter Thank You! Shortly after my account was limited. The bookies didn't like my approach! I was winning. All the time and hurting their bottom line. Not to worry, I simply moved to the Exchange for the new year and the prots have been at the same level as they were before. Rogue Punter Review, by Aaron Collins Click Here to Know More About Rogue Punter Thank You! Nothing has changed for me other than where I place my bets. So how am I making so much? I'm putting in the time. I'm going over the days racing and not only am I picking the best horses to back but I'm also making the correct bet. Think a horse is going to run well, great. But... - Will it win? - How strong is the competition? - What are the running conditions like? These are just a few things that I take into account when making the correct bet. Think the horse will win but the competition is strong? Are the odds high enough to back each way? So we don't miss out on a big return when it wins? If not, back it to place. For me it's about winning bets. If I back a horse to place and it goes on to win, so be it. My bet has still won. I still made prot. To me that's better than backing it to win and it nishing 2nd or 3rd. So are all my bets place bets? Absolutely not! There are those picks that I am condent on and I back those to win. The double digit horses tend to be each way bets as losing out on a 3/1 to 4/1 winners and backing the place, I'm ok with that. But I'm not willing to lose out on 10pts prot when my pick wins. Remember when I said that I'd not unfollowed the most shocking win tipsters I'd ever come across. This is where I do what other people will not. I've created a simple lay strategy for these tipsters picks and its working out a treat. I start off with 10 lays, its less than I stake on the other bets but obviously the liability is higher. If they manage to pick a winner, I double my stake until that loss has been made back and then revert to 10 level stake lays again. Some of these tipsters can go for days without a winner and when you combine 3 of these tipsters then you are in for a real treat when you're laying them. If we lay 10 picks and they all lose that's 95 prot added to our bank while they're still losing. Say they have a winner come in at lay odds of 6.4, we lose 54 on the bet. Now upping the stake to 20 means if the next 3 loose we make back that 54, in fact we make back 57. Then it's back to 10 level stakes. How many tipsters do you follow who can go for days without a winner? It's amazing to me that these tipsters are still sending out tips after months of following such a poor performance, but while they do, I'll keep proting from their picks by backing against them. Rogue Punter Review, by Aaron Collins Click Here to Know More About Rogue Punter Thank You! Laying not for you? No problem, although if you join me, keep track of the losing runs these tipster have while I send you the tips, you'll be gobsmacked that these are actually pitched as win bets. But if it's not for you, don't worry. I make my picks to win, place and go each way along with a few other markets on occasion too. No doubles, trebles or acca's of any sort. Just the best bet to keep the winning bets coming in and prots keep rising. I do limit my bets per day. I found out a while back that increasing my stakes on the best of the bets was much more protable than spreading that same outlay over more bets. So I will not advise no more than 5 bets per day. The lay bets are on top of these and can add upto another 6 bets per day. So following all my advice will mean a maximum of 11 bets per day but thats on a very busy day. The norm would be about 6-7 bets in total. How much do I stake on the bets? Well its 10/20 on the lays. On all other bets its 50 per bet. So either a 50 win, 50 place bet or 25 each way bet etc. Those amounts have allowed me to bank at least 2,400 per month for the last 7 months. So 5/10 lays and 25 bets would still net you over 1,200 per month if you don't want to jump straight in with the same stakes that I use. How much is the information that could bank you 2,400 per month worth to you? How about if I told you that if you joined today you could get all this info for just 0.50 per day. Get 90 days access for just 45.00 Or why not sign up for 6 months (180 days) for just 70.00 These prices are valid today only! Prices will be increasing (to 90 for 90 days or 140 for 180 days) from tomorrow. Take advantage of this offer today and choose your winning plan below:

Rogue Punter horse racing tips review


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