LED Parking Pole Lights - Things You Need to Know for Outdoor Lighting

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LED POLE LIGHTS www.ledmyplace.com www.ledmyplace.com Use DLC Approved 300W LED Pole Lights to Enhance Outdoor Beauty The LED Pole Lights are also being referred as the street lights, shoebox lights and area lights and are used to illuminate the outdoors places such as streets, parking lots, building entrance, gardens etc which are used by large number of people during the nights as well. Also these pole LED lights proper illumination that can ensure that the drivers and pedestrians are easily able to reach to their destination by taking the correct route which sometimes become difficult due to insufficient lights that are being installed over there. The advancement in the LED lighting industry have given more options to the buyers to choose from various different designs available in the LED pole lights and among various colors and designs, you can install bronze colored universal mount 300W LED pole lights that can be installed in various different ways. Other advantages of using these pole lights in addition to ensuring maximum safety to the travellers are as follows How LED Pole Lights are useful for The Citizens? Universal Mounting These 300W LED Pole Lights has one of the best mounting options that reduces the overall installation costs by providing a hassle free and easy self-installation process. These universal mounted pole lights are suitable for both kinds of poles including round, square and you can also wall mount them with the option to adjust the head. In addition to the easy self-installation process, these lights also reduces the overall time as they don't require any re-drilling or cutting any pole tops to undergo the fixing process. These 300W LED pole lights enables mounting in two ways including vertical and horizontal, in both the ways you can definitely illuminate the entire bigger and larger areas. www.ledmyplace.com Photocell Option Also the added option of photocell in these 300W LED pole lights is very beneficial especially when installed at the outdoor places. The photocell of the lights makes it possible to turn the lights automatically on and off according to the surrounding lighting requirement which also eliminates the need of a person to do that task manually. Color Temperature The color temperature of these 300W LED pole lights is 5700K that gives you a neutral white light glow thus making the outdoor ambience more visible and beautiful. In addition to the perfect color temperature, the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of these lights is more than 70 that offers optical distribution of the light rays thus making them look more real and natural. With Higher CRI, these lights are beneficial for automotive frontlines, large parking lots and high mast applications. www.ledmyplace.com DLC Approved In addition to the higher CRI and photocell option, these 300W LED pole lights are DLC certified as well that will allow you to get necessary rebates and incentives from the leading power companies which in turn reduce the overall costing of these lights as well. In addition to DLC approval, these pole lights are UL, CUL, DLC, CE and ROHS approved as well that gives you an assurance that you are using quality product. All the LED pole Lights have cleared pre-qualified tests for vibration as well and the LED fixtures do not have any loose parts, structural damage, power off and other anomalies that can affect its function as well. Higher Lumen Output More the lumen efficiency of any light is, the better the results it will deliver. These 300W LED pole lights emit 39,514 lumens and you can replace these lights with 900w MH light to make great savings of at least 75% in your electricity bills. Once installed, the fixture of these lights will work for another 50,000 hours that can help in saving a $1,000 over a 10-year period which is approximately $8.33 a month. So these are just some of the advantages among many other of these 300W LED pole lights that will surely give you amazing outdoor lighting results for more number of years, also the efficient thermal heat dissipation of these lights, keep these pole lights cooler even if used for more number of hours as well. Thank You info@ledmyplace.com | 888-972-6211

The LED Pole Lights are also being referred as the street lights, shoebox lights and area lights and are used to illuminate the outdoors places such as streets, parking lots, building entrance, gardens etc which are used by a large number of people during the nights as well. LEDMyplace is the manufacturer of these pole lights, which are available at their website at a very cheap price in #USA.

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