Redesigning Your Website? Here’s Why You Should Get a WordPress Website

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Redesigning Your Website? Here’s Why You Should Get a WordPress Website A website must reflect your brand in every way, keep up with changing design advancements, and deliver fantastic user experiences consistently. If your website seems to lag behind in any of the above areas, a website redesign may be necessary. If your website has been working for 5 to 10 years, or more, a redesign should certainly be the next step. When deciding on platforms for your website redesign, it is crucial to choose one that suits your current requirements and is scalable to your future needs. Enter WordPress. WordPress is a popular platform that has been in existence for over 10 years now. It is extremely popular with both big and growing brands. The flexibility and feature-rich design make the platform a preferred choice for website design experts as well. Here are some reasons why WordPress is a hit with both businesses and design experts . . . Stunning Website Designs There are thousands of free and paid varieties of web designs for you to choose from, in WordPress. Caution needs to prevail when choosing the themes though. Some themes may come with faulty code, and can land you in design problems once you have the website set and running. A website design service specialising in WordPress can help you choose designs from highly reliable resources. A professional service can also help you choose strategic themes that best reflect your brand, and are more likely to deliver an impact on your audience. Highly Functional Websites WordPress has innumerable free and paid plugins to deliver all the features that you would like your users to experience on your website. From sign-up and contact forms to photo galleries, social media linkers, spam protection, and complete e- commerce setup, there are plugins for each and every purpose. As with designs, plugins too can be poorly coded and unreliable. An expert website design Manchester service chooses robust plugins from reliable developers. With an expert Manchester website design service by your side, you’ll also have the benefit of including features that enhance user experience on your website, and aid your online campaigns. Some examples include safety plugins, cache plugins that improve website speed, and Google AdSense plugins. You might miss out on these valuable opportunities of conversion if you are designing on your own. Search Engine Optimisation Benefits WordPress offers all elements that are needed to attract search engines, in its design. A WordPress website expert can help you integrate these features through efficient plugins to make your website highly search engine friendly. Continuous Improvement WordPress is an open source system, which means a team of reliable developers are continuously working in the background to make the platform more efficient and user- friendly. A professional WordPress design and development service will help you stay up-to-date with all these updated features keeping you ahead of competitors. It is important to hire an expert WordPress website design service to derive the best results from the platform. With its WordPress expertise, a Manchester website design service can create a website that delivers on your business and online goals. Blue Whale Media LTD Suite 16 Rowan House, Padgate Business Park, Warrington, WA1 4JN. Tel : 01925 552 050 Email WebPage:

If you are considering a website redesign, there are several reasons why WordPress could be best for you. A professional WordPress website service can assist you in making the best use of the platform to derive substantial brand and business benefits.

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