How Cleartrip for work inspires travel agent software development companies

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How Cleartrip for work inspires travel agent software development companies? Cleartrip unlocks exclusive benefits for Individual travelers and working professionals with their new feature, Cleartrip for work. This is a transformative solution for individual travelers who frequent airports to meet their job requirements. Few sources say that this feature is designed, keeping in mind the requirements of MSMEs, travel booking software and travel agent software development companies. Cleartrip senior, VP Balu Ramachandran, however, pointed out that Cleartrip for work is accessible both by individual travelers and travel admins “who have the ability to add multiple travelers to the account through a simple self-sign-in process.” Cleartrip for work – The better way to travel for work Cleartrip is a global online travel company and offers a comprehensive website for booking flights and train tickets, making hotel reservations, and other travel itineraries across India and the Middle East countries easy. The new feature, Cleartrip for Work, offers a plethora of features and benefits for its users. In fact, Cleartrip presents a bundle of learning opportunities for the travel agents and travel agent software development companies across the world. They have always benefitted and satisfied their buyers with user-friendly features, thereby successfully attaining the global position today. It has grown to occupy a leading market position in both the Air and Accommodation segments. In the event of launching this feature, Cleartrip founder and CEO, Stuart Crighton is heard quoting, “Cleartrip’s relentless focus on making travel simple is now extending into the millions of underserved corporate customers throughout the region.” Cleartrip for work – how does it work? Cleartrip has offered user-friendly services for its millions of users, over the years. The new feature has a very simple sign-up process and is exclusively designed for professionals who travel frequently and have a registered GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number. The user has to simply book a flight on Cleartrip using their GSTIN number to get access to a plethora of exclusive benefits. But first, they have to complete a short registration process and input their GSTIN number to access fares. Once they are successfully logged into their account, they can search for their destination and have to access to both retail and corporate fare options with specific benefits applicable with each fare. Perks and benefits Cleartrip has worked closely with all major hotels and airlines to offer certain benefits directly to individual travelers. Initially, these benefits were reserved only for organizations affiliated with corporate travel programs. The travel and tourism ecosystem is undergoing a slow but gradual change. Travelers and corporates expect convenience and cost- effective travel experience. Their purchase decisions are highly influenced by the ongoing cashback trend and are easily drifted towards services that offer discounts and other extra benefits. Travel agent software development companies, travel agents, and other organizations involved with travel booking software and other service technologies have to study the market closely if they are planning to ride the tide of change. Cleartrip has unearthed this very secret and Cleartrip for work is the brainchild of that realization. It is a breakthrough product that is steeped in high-levels of innovation, strong features, mind-blowing benefits, and an easy-to-access world class UI, exclusively for corporate, SME and MSME customers. Besides comparing flight fares, this feature offers – • Easy access to corporate fares with special inclusions • GST invoices for input credits and reimbursements • Gain complimentary meals on-board • Reduced cancellation fees • Zero trip modification charges • Free flight amendments • 4% Cashback on work fare flights • 10% Cashback on hotel bookings • Use cashback for subsequent bookings, and so on. Tap into corporate fares and enjoy host of premium perks, today!!! In the words of Stuart Crighton, “The corporate travel experience is fragmented and ineffective for today’s tech-savvy customer.” Travel agent software development companies and travel agencies are striving hard to offer services that align with the expectations of the tech- savvy generation. Cleartrip with its bundle of features is that breakthrough product that is bound to grab attention from the users instantly. It “introduces high levels of innovation, strong features and world class UI present in our consumer product to corporate and SME customers. Along with this customers will also have access to corporate fares with special inclusions, and GST invoices for input tax credits and reimbursement”- the first of its kind. Source: for-work-inspires-travel-agent-software-develo- 1040992610027839488


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