Investing in Automotive: Your business guide to coming to the Midlands, UK

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1 Investing in Automotive Your Business Guide to coming to the Midla nds, UK 2 CONTENTS The Midlands, UK...3 Establishing a business bank account in the UK.4 Establishing a business in the UK by Mills & Reeve (please see attached document) Incentives & Funding Support.8 Market Representation12 Property Top 10 tips for leasing by Mills & Reeve.14 Serviced Offices17 Recruitment...24 Recruitment Consultants.25 3 THE MIDLANDS, UK This guide is designed to provide automotive businesses looking to locate in the Midlands with the necessary information to help important decisions when compiling the business case and reducing risk and the time it takes to start making profitable sales. Positioned centrally among vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, the region provides optimum access to the UK automotive market including seven volume car manufacturers, seven commercial vehicle manufacturers, and 16 of the world's top 20 automotive suppliers. As well as manufacturing, the Midlands is a world class centre of automotive research and development with universities, centres of excellence and industry leading organisations. Global vehicle and component manufacturers have chosen the Midlands as a location for technical and R&D centres and activity in order to capitalise on the engineering strengths of the region. Well served by motorway and rail links and with two international airports, this strategic location creates efficiencies in the supply chain, and contributes to the global competitiveness of the Midlands. SUPPORT SERVICES Drive Midlands is a sector specific support programme developed with input from industry and led by Business Birmingham and Department for International Trade's Automotive Investment Organisation and regional LEP partners including: Black Country, Coventry & Warwickshire, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire, Greater Birmingham & Solihull, Leicestershire, Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire, Enterprise Telford and Worcestershire. Drive Midlands acts as a single point of contact for major clients bringing together a project team from relevant organisations across the Midands Engine geography such as property agents, recruitment consultants, public agencies and universities to deliver a comprehensive package of support. Drive Midlands' services can include: Relocation and expansion business case development Benchmark against other potential investment destinations Location & labour cost analysis Solutions to training & recruitment support Information on access to finance Showcase of the commercial real estate available and short listing Introductions to local support partners & programmes Introductions to R&D centres of excellence & academia Brokering introductions into the Greater Birmingham business community Tailored familiarisation visit programmes PR and Communications Relocation services 4 ESTABLISHING A BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT IN THE UK This section is designed to provide information on helping business to open and run an account with a bank in the UK. Information provided by Department for International Trade Guidance For specialist support, DIT can assist with finding you the most appropriate bank, making introductions, and guiding you through the process of setting up the business bank account itself. The proposition lays out what to expect from a bank when you're looking to open a business bank account, including what information you should have ready to provide and why certain questions will be asked. Before a bank can let a business have any kind of account, they need to be confident that you are who you say you are and you are based where you say you are based. If you are new to the UK Banking system you may not have access to, or be aware of, the documents that businesses in the UK usually have access to (UK bills, UK driving licence, etc.), but there are other documents banks will accept for the purpose of confirming identity and address. Opening a Business Bank Account The banking industry is required by law to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Money Laundering Regulations and is therefore required to fully understand what your business does, how it is structured, where it is registered for tax purposes, how it is funded and who its directors and owners are. This includes where they live, where they are resident for tax purposes, nationality and date of birth. This is in order to fulfil the legal responsibility of a bank to help identify and stop criminals using financial products or services being used to move or process criminal funds. The Information Required The above means that for any business seeking to open an account the following information is required. This includes details of each partner, trustee and/or director and a complete understanding of the way the company is structured. Business details Contact details Business name and address, (registered and/or trading), nature of business, including main country markets, and legal status Start date (if applicable), anticipated turnover and funding requirements Incorporation details (if a Limited Company) Company Structure Whether the business is a partnership or limited liability company, or Trust and an overview of its ownership or holding structure if applicable: For example, if you have multiple businesses of which the business requiring the account is only one, or if the business you run is owned by another 5 company (whether this be UK based or overseas), you will in each circumstance be asked the nature of the connection between these businesses and also asked to explain who the director(s), partner(s), owners or Trustee(s) are. Certain types of business will have additional documentation requirements. The most common of these in the UK are listed below: Partnerships - partnership agreement or contract of co-partner Limited companies and limited liability partnerships certificate of incorporation Clubs, societies, associations, churches or charities a copy of the organisation's constitution Trusts the trust deed and any subsequent amendments New businesses and start-ups your business plan and cash flow forecast Established businesses two years' worth of audited accounts Non 'home bank' customers six months' worth of business bank statements Business details Personal details (for all Partners/Directors/ Trustees/ Owners or any other person exercising significant control over the business) Personal name and address Date you moved into your home address Previous address details (if at current address for less than three years) Existing bank account details Date, country and city of birth; and country of nationality and residence Some, or possibly all, of this information will need to be independently verified by the banks. While this may be done electronically, you may be asked to provide identity documents such as passports or driving licences for these individuals. If you are an overseas investor, director or start-up you will need to provide equivalent documents to the above, for example: passport, ID Card, domestic residential address and bank details. Source of funds and source of wealth The banks are required to understand the source of any funds that will be placed within the business account, and in some instances will also have to investigate the overall source of wealth in the business (which can include the wealth of any owners/others making significant investment in to the business) even if that money will not be utilised within the bank account being opened. The Banks may require additional documentation that verifies any information on source of funds and/or wealth provided by the entity (e.g. title deeds or legal agreements). What to expect once all documentation has been provided On completion of the above the bank will undertake a review of the information provided including relevant security, identity and credit checks. So long as all the necessary information has been provided this assessment and security check process should usually take 10 working days. But if greater due diligence is needed it could take longer. It is important to note that if you have foreign investors, directors or owners this process may take longer as the bank based in the UK will need to undertake checks abroad, often via professionals (e.g. 6 solicitors/accountants), in the directors' country of residence or business domain. It is also important to note that these checks will continue periodically across the life of the account relationship and may require further information/documents to be provided to ensure that the bank's record of you remains current and compliant with regulatory expectations. The Protected Travel Services Trust Account A new UK company can apply for the Protected Travel Services Trust Account whilst offshore and possibly with no UK presence. The account can be opened within a working week, subject to AML and KYC assessments. With this account you can: Transfer in an unlimited value of funds directly. Receive payments from customers. Make electronic payments to staff and suppliers. However, the account cannot be used to access cash. Companies must pay an establishment cost (approx. 800 - 1,000 per application) and minimal on- going fees to be negotiated on an individual basis. Tide Open an account in 30 minutes (if more analysis is needed this could take up to 1 working week). Transfer up to 100,000 (higher amounts require further analysis). Wire funds into the UK through a UK account. Open personal accounts and access cash. Pay a minor cost of 5 20 per calendar month. My Cash Plus Open an account instantly (if more analysis is needed this could take up to 1 working week). Transfer up to 15.000, initially, the funds can be renewed once drawn down, so there is no limit to amount that can be deposited. Receive international funds directly. Open personal accounts and access cash. Have no fees to open an account. This is not available for Money Service Businesses or for some high risk markets. Further Information Business Account Finder Local Business Events 7 Further Help and Support 8 INCENTIVES/ FUNDING SUPPORT Accessing public funds can be a complex process. It requires demonstrating a number of outcomes that will satisfy funding bodies that jobs will be created and/or safeguarded. As a commercial business, compiling such a bid is time consuming and resource intensive. Therefore, it would be our intention to support and provide much of the signposting resource for this, brokering any introductions as appropriate. NATIONAL National Tooling Loan Fund 24m national fund (England) Fund designed to support the toolmakers and part manufacturers Available finance of between 50k and 1m To support the creation of new jobs and maintaining existing workforces Funds contribute towards the design, development and manufacture of tooling or expansion of tooling capacity Administered by Finance Birmingham Advanced Propulsion Centre supports the automotive low carbon agenda For 2018 the Advanced Propulsion Centre is increasing the number of core competitions it runs per year from two to three. After industry feedback, the APC through 2018 will pilot a new year-long schedule of the three core competitions, so that organisations have the visibility of the APC's funding calendar. This will enable organisations to plan ahead, to improve alignment with their own business case and better develop their project application. There will continue to be a 5-40 million matched grant funding available through these APC competitions, to support projects from consortia that can actively accelerate low- carbon propulsion technologies to market. All consortia must be business led, consisting of at least an OEM or Tier 1 and an SME, and demonstrate a clear route to market, at the end of the project. Application deadlines : APC 11 3rd October 2018 Administered by the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK Research and Innovation there are various funding opportunities which can be found here: R&D Tax Credits Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a government tax relief that rewards UK companies for investing in innovation. Companies that spend money developing new products, processes or services; or enhancing existing ones, are eligible for a cash payment and/or Corporation Tax reduction. R&D tax credit rates are the equivalent of up to 33p for every 1 of qualifying expenditure. They can be used as an alternative to innovation grants for research If eligible, you can typically claim R&D tax relief for your last two completed accounting periods. In other words, while in your 2017 accounting period, you can consider your R&D tax credit 2016 and your R&D tax credit 2015. 9 They are calculated based on your R&D spend. When deducted from your taxable profits, or added to your loss, this will give a Corporation Tax reduction if profitable, a cash credit if loss- making, or a combination of the two. Administered by HMRC LOCAL/ REGIONAL Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (WMLCR) 25m fund available for businesses located within the four Local Enterprise Partnerships of the Black Country, Coventry and Warwickshire, Greater Birmingham and Solihull and Liverpool City Region Open ended rolling programme with recycled funds as they come available first come first served basis No maximum on applications, minimum of 100k (loan or grant possible) Sole and Consortium bids Open to Automotive and Aerospace supply chains only For the purpose of projects which include the purchase of capital equipment with complimentary research and development, and training and skills development to support a project Must be State Aid compliant Administered by Finance Birmingham Local Enterprise Partnerships Black Country Growth Deal Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Growth Fund It may be possible to explore potential grant funding through such initiatives through Local Enterprise Partnerships. However, such funding tends to be aimed at strategic infrastructure or capital projects supporting economic development rather than direct grants to individual companies and investment projects. Funding support by way of capital grant is where projects are critical to achieving Strategic Economic Plans in place and where such public funding assistance is only essential and as a last resort. Business Birmingham is happy to provide further information if required. Enterprise Zones Black Country Enterprise Zone Business rates savings of 55,000 per annum for 5 years (275,000) can be obtained - available at i54 Mucklow Park and Lupus Park sites. Training/ Recruitment Support Training and recruitment support is available through local authority partners in the West Midlands including: Birmingham City Council, Invest Coventry & Warwickshire, City of Wolverhampton Council and Invest Black Country. This can involve significant cost savings for Project Otter. Bespoke training and recruitment services can include: Dedicated officer to work with you to understand your recruitment needs and timescales Support with planning and implementing a bespoke training programme as part of the recruitment process Support with assessments in order to filter people using literacy and numeracy testing Advertising and response handling Short-listing Access to interview suites, candidate holding rooms Administrative support during recruitment/ interviews Support around pre-recruitment customised training 10 Support around post-employment training Birmingham Jobs Fund An example of where direct financial support may be available is through the Birmingham Jobs Fund. Birmingham City Council manage an initiative through its Employment Access Team that looks to incentivise or support organisations that create opportunities and employ those under the age of 24 and who have been unemployed for longer than 12 months. A financial incentive of 1,500 to employers for recruiting a young person to either an apprentice or a non-apprentice (normal job) position may be available Further information: 11 The Midlands Engine Investment Fund The Midlands Engine Investment Fund aims to transform the finance landscape for smaller businesses in the Midlands and to realise the region's potential to achieve economic growth through enterprise. It provides commercially focussed finance through Small Business Loans, Debt Finance, Proof of concept and Equity Finance funds. MEIF is a collaboration between the British Business Bank and ten Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in the West Midlands and East and South East Midlands. MEIF provides over 250m of investment to boost small and medium business (SME) growth in the Midlands. For more information on the Midlands Engine Investment Fund, please click here. 12 MARKET REPRESENTATION Drive Midlands has a network of trusted partners to help accelerate sales growth in the UK: Konduit Winning Business in the United Kingdom With You Every Step Of The Way Whether you are planning to enter the UK market or looking to expand your business here further, let us help you grow your British market share. Our experiences and extensive network connections allow you to deliver your high-quality and innovative products and services which meet the challenges of our digitally-connected world. We help to achieve your objectives as part of your local British business development team. You can also use your new UK base as a springboard into the rest of Europe and other English- speaking markets, creating further profitable opportunities for you. Grow and expand your profitable business now and access the market swiftly and cost-effectively. We work across a wide range of sectors and can support you every step of the way. Konduit can take the load off your shoulders and work with you either on short-term projects or strategic business development to build and expand your British market share. The UK is a very attractive market one of the best business environments in Europe and open for business. We provide you with all the services to become successful here. Contact us today to discuss how to succeed in one of the most dynamic and "open-for-business" markets in the world. W: E: T: +44 1926 623 280 Marked Advantage Marked Advantage are a Talent Project & Change Management businesses who support businesses in competitive Talent Markets. Marked Advantage's Project Recruitment Partnership is designed to help plan out multiple hire projects to make the transition as seamless as possible, whilst managing recruitment agencies to help reduce the overall cost. Once the project is complete Marked Advantage then assist our clients in establishing a structure in order to move forward with either a direct hiring or agency led recruitment strategy. What is covered: Development of a Value Proposition to make you standout in competitive markets. Development of marketing campaign to help drive direct applicants. Creation of candidate database to reduce ongoing recruitment spend. Development of metrics to monitor and support ongoing recruitment. Management of Recruitment Suppliers. Interview training. On boarding and Retention support. 13 Expected Outcomes of Project Recruitment Partnership Financial cost reduction of circa 10-20% across the whole project. Reduction in senior management input by up to 50%. Creation of systems and metrics to aid self-sufficient resourcing. Development of direct hiring strategy & database to support this. Costings Costs are bespoke for each client, but for a free quote please contact James Shelton on or 0161 8040800 JMB Partnership Increasing and sustaining sales and market share is vital for the growth and development of any organisation. The JMB Partnership is an award-winning B2B sales and marketing agency specialising in lead generation and new market entry services. Winners of the Queen's Award for International Trade one of the UK's highest accolades for British business success - JMB is accredited by government and trade organisations worldwide for our work in the international trade arena. With a wealth of cross-sector experience and a management team with over 90 years' combined experience working with some of the world's largest enterprise organisations, including; Jaguar Land Rover Lloyds Banking Group BMW Government organisations This first-hand experience means we understand the vital components required to secure and capitalise on international opportunities and-to-date we have successfully supported over 750 UK and international companies achieve preciously these objectives. Recognising there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to market expansion, JMB provide a range of strategic solutions tailored to our individual client's needs and objectives, ranging from: business planning and financial modelling, market research, sales consultancy, lead generation & meetings programmes, partner and distributor finding and UK representational services. Whether looking to explore new markets, bolster your existing client base or identify international partners, JMB provide a flexible approach to enable you to achieve your business growth objectives. For more information or to discuss your internationalisation and business growth plans further, please contact The JMB Partnership's Managing Director, James Blakemore directly or visit W: E: T: +44 (0)1926 350 020 / M: +44 (0) 7771 638 151 14 PROPERTY Property costs and availability area critical component in the location decision, whether the property is freehold or leasehold. The following top 10 tips are by Mills & Reeve. Top 10 tips for agreeing lease terms Finding the right property to trade from is a one of the most important decisions that any business will make. Having found the right property it is important to ensure that the lease that you sign up to provides the flexibility and certainty that you require in order to make operating from those premises a success. Here we provide our top 10 tips for agreeing lease terms. 1. Term Think carefully how long you want the lease to run for. Generally, the longer you are willing to commit to a lease the lower the rent and the more favourable the terms will be. Significant capital expenditure in a (bespoke) factory or warehouse usually warrants a longer term to maximise the return on that investment. However, are the premises to be used to service a particular supply contract? If so, will you still need the premises once the contract comes to an end? To provide flexibility, consider requesting a break right in the lease to allow you to terminate the lease early if the premises become surplus to requirements. 2. Flexibility to share the premises with others Think carefully about who will need to use the premises. Is it just you? Will you need to share the premises with any third parties such as group companies, organisations in a supply chain, research and development partners or with customers that you are providing services to? If space becomes surplus to requirements, do you want the ability to sublet parts of the property? If you think you will need this flexibility it will need to be permitted in the lease. 3. Alterations When you move into the property what alterations will you want to make to ensure it's suitable for your purposes? Will significant manufacturing plant and machinery need to be installed? Agree as early as possible with the landlord whether it is happy in principle for the changes to be made. Also try to agree with the landlord what you will need to do with the alterations at the end of the lease. If the landlord is happy for alterations to stay in the premises at the end of the lease this will help to reduce the cost of dilapidations. 4. Repair obligations Before you sign a lease make sure that you are happy with the state that the premises are in. If you are taking a lease of, for example, a showroom, factory or warehouse which requires time and money to be spent on bringing it up to a suitable standard, the lease could oblige you to remedy the disrepair at your cost. Advice from a building surveyor should be taken to highlight any areas of concern. In respect of older premises you should also seek to limit your obligations to keeping the premises in the state they were in at the start of the lease. This can be done by agreeing a photographic record of the property and including it in the lease. 15 5. Beware of hidden charges As well as paying rent, leases will often include provisions for the payment of other charges during the duration of the lease. For example, a lease of a unit on an industrial estate will often contain a service charge under which the company will be required to pay for a contribution towards the cost of maintaining shared estate roads. Similarly, it is normal for a landlord to insure the property and pass on the cost to a tenant. Try to find out what additional charges will apply and how they are calculated at an early stage to ensure that these costs are factored into your budget. 6. Rent deposits Landlords may often require that a rental deposit is provided at the start of a lease which is held for the duration of the lease as protection against the tenant defaulting. Challenge the requirement for this particularly if you are a well-established organisation involved in the sector, known to be of a sound financial standing. Is there scope for an early return of the deposit if you keep to the terms of the lease for a certain period? Will the landlord accept a guarantee from a parent company instead of a rent deposit? 7. Rent reviews Longer leases will often contain provision for the rent to be increased after a certain number of years have elapsed. Ensure you understand the basis on which the rent will be reviewed. Will the landlord agree to cap any increases to avoid costly surprises in the future? 8. Beware of break rights Break clauses are the clauses in leases which lead to the most disputes between landlords and tenants. Canny landlords will seek to make any right for the tenant to bring the lease to an end early, subject to conditions that need to be fulfilled, for example, pre-conditions that all covenants in the lease must have been complied with, a requirement that all sums due under the lease (including service charges, interest on late payments, insurance rent) are paid up to the date of the break, or a requirement that the tenant fully vacates the property and removes all of its equipment and furniture. Try to limit/remove any pre-conditions to any break. 9. Security of tenure Business tenants in England and Wales have a statutory right to remain in occupation of their premises on the expiry of the lease and request a new lease from the landlord. This is to prevent tenants having to pay money in fitting out premises which is then lost on the expiry of the lease something which is particularly the case for automotive, logistics and supply chain companies who often need substantial and expensive plant and machinery and, depending on their business, high performing research and development facilities. It is possible to agree to exclude these statutory provisions from a lease meaning that a tenant does not have the automatic right to remain in occupation on expiry of the lease. Find out at an early stage whether the landlord requires this to avoid investment costs being lost. 10. Get an agent If you are new to negotiating leases employing an agent with experience of the automotive sector to negotiate the initial terms of a lease will assist. An agent will have better knowledge of the market and what landlords are willing to accept or offer to you as incentives for entering into the lease. The agent will help you to negotiate a set of heads of terms for the lease which will help to ensure that all necessary points are addressed at an early stage. 16 T +44(0)344 880 2666 Mills & Reeve LLP is a limited liability partnership authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and registered in England and Wales with registered number OC326165. Its registered office is at Monument Place, 24 Monument Street, London, EC3R 8AJ, which is the London office of Mills & Reeve LLP. A list of members may be inspected at any of the LLP's offices. The term "partner" is used to refer to a member of Mills & Reeve LLP. The contents of this document are copyright Mills & Reeve LLP. All rights reserved. This document contains general advice and comments only and therefore specific legal advice should be taken before reliance is placed upon it in any particular circumstances. Where hyperlinks are provided to third party websites, Mills & Reeve LLP is not responsible for the content of such sites. Mills & Reeve LLP will process your personal data for its business and marketing activities fairly and lawfully in accordance with professional standards and the Data Protection Act 1998. If you do not wish to receive any marketing communications from Mills & Reeve LLP, please contact Suzannah Armstrong on 01603 693459 or email 17 SERVICED OFFICES Many companies we speak to are looking to establish quickly but equally find flexible accommodation to allow for rapid growth. Below is a selection of serviced offices, usually with flexible terms and available on short leases, to give an idea of the office market in the Midlands. Landmark 2 Snow Hill, Birmingham, B4 6GA LOCATION Landmark is located close to Birmingham New Street Station with great links to M5, M6, M40 and M42. DESCRIPTION Access to internet, meeting rooms and phone lines at extra charge I2 offers fully furnished, work-ready and fully managed on your behalf, which means you can forget about managing every facility from telecoms to cleaning staff and fully focus on doing business your way. Fully furnished offices with all you need Close to Birmingham New Street Station Friendly and helpful reception staff on hand AVAILABILITY & SIZE Tenure: To let Size: 27 desks COSTS 10,000 per month 18 Alpha Works Private Office Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham, B1 1LX LOCATION The building is situated in the city centre just a five-minute walk from New Street Station transport hub and 10 minutes from Snow Hill Station. Moor Street and Five Ways are a bit further away but still within easy walking distance. DESCRIPTION This historic and well-loved building has recently undergone intensive refurbishment and now houses some of the best workspaces in the city. Tenants have access to fantastic on-site amenities such as; three kitchen areas, free tea, coffee and filter water, a fully manned reception area during business hours and fantastic staff members on-site to greet your guests. AVAILABILITY & SIZE Tenure: To let Size: 25 Desks COSTS 400 per desk, per month 19 Alpha Works Hot-Desk Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham, B1 1LX LOCATION The building is situated in the city centre just a five-minute walk from New Street Station transport hub and 10 minutes from Snow Hill Station. Moor Street and Five Ways are a bit further away but still within easy walking distance. DESCRIPTION Hot-desk membership makes it easy with flexible passes that allow you to come and go as you please. You get access to all our services and facilities including superfast WiFi, printing, private phone booths, breakout spaces, free tea and coffee, plus member discount on meeting room bookings. AVAILABILITY & SIZE Tenure: To let Size: 25 desks COSTS Unlimited pass: 250 per month Day pass: 20 per pass 20 Regus 43 Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5LS LOCATION Situated in the heart of the city's business district, the office space at 43 Temple Row is 5 minutes from Birmingham's railway stations. It's part of the Colmore Row Business Centre and a number of offices overlook St Phillip's Cathedral. Nearby are bars, cafes and designer stores while the National Trust's back-to-back houses demonstrate Birmingham's rich history. DESCRIPTION Regus offers fully furnished serviced offices. 24 hour access and security Meeting rooms All-inclusive monthly payments Kitchen and break-out area Staffed reception Admin and secretarial support WiFi AVAILABILITY & SIZE Tenure: To let Size: 25 people COSTS From 6.60 per person, per day 21 UBCUK Birmingham Business Park UBCUK offers you flexible, all-inclusive serviced office space, meeting rooms and virtual office services. Our high quality, modern office spaces are in prime business locations across the country with excellent local, national and international transport links. Our friendly, professional service helps you get up and running quickly, and our flexible agreements allow you to decide how long you stay. Plus, our service can expand and contract with your business, so you're only ever paying for the space you need. Fixed costs and low risk Know your total occupancy costs right from the outset No nasty surprises UBCUK looks after all the overheads, everything from rents, business rates, water rates, utilities, cleaning, buildings insurance, maintenance and security Professionally managed facilities and on site customer support team to look after your people, your visitors, the offices, IT and telecoms Infrastructure State of the art offices Fully featured plug and play telecoms and IT infrastructure Robust internet services and VPN technology Advanced phone system with web-based management system Teleconferencing and voicemail options Voice recording optional Use of hot desks and informal break out space at some UBCUK locations Meeting rooms Welcoming and well-equipped, our modern meeting room facilities provide the ideal venue for business meetings and client presentations. Our meeting rooms include: Wired or wireless high speed Internet Audio-visual and presentation facilities on request Visitor parking Support staff Catering and refreshments Virtual office service Our virtual office service provides flexible support and a prestigious address without the need to relocate your business. You'll also get added extras including access to hot desks, meeting rooms and administrative support. Postal service use of a business address with mail handling and forwarding service Telephone service a dedicated telephone number, call forwarding and voicemail Postal and telephone service a combination of the above 22 UBCUK is located on the sought-after Birmingham Business Park one of the most established business parks in the West Midlands. Set within 148 acres of mature parkland, UBCUK boasts excellent connectivity thanks to its highly accessible location within minutes of the M42/M6 interchange, and just 3 miles from Birmingham International Airport. The impressive UBCUK business centre has been fully refurbished and features new office and meeting space, a fully staffed reception, lounge and kitchen areas, and the latest IT and telecoms services including CAT B cabling. A total of 214 workstations spread over 15,902 sq ft are available to rent on flexible terms, located across two floors of the building. UBCUK Birmingham Business Park provides a professional environment for SMEs or larger corporations. Serviced office space is available to rent in various configurations (from two desks upwards), with longer-term managed workspace also available. All offices are bright and well-appointed, finished in a contemporary style with comfortable furnishings and fresh decor. In addition to its excellent location, the Business Park is extremely well maintained with a professional outlook and smart, well-presented buildings. Over 100 occupiers are based within the Park including large-scale corporations spanning a wide variety of industries. For more information, click here: 23 Orega - The Colmore Building Our Facilities Individually air-conditioned offices State of the art IT and telecoms Professionally managed reception with postal services Well-equipped meeting rooms with free refreshments Stylish business lounges with satellite TV and daily newspapers Kitchenettes with free tea and coffee Showers 24-hour CCTV security and access Secure on-site parking Free visitor WiFi The Colmore Building offers superb facilities including an on-site caf, high tech gym, luxury washrooms and spa treatment rooms. Ranging from large, open plan offices to one person desks in a shared workspace, there are offices to suit all stages of business. The Colmore Building is situated in a highly attractive and accessible area, with direct links to domestic and international transport. Snow Hill train station is less than 5 minutes' walk away with connections to London and the rest of the UK. Birmingham Airport is 25 minutes from the business centre. An ideal city centre commercial property in terms of logistics and networking opportunities. For more information click here: 24 RECRUITMENT This section is designed to provide information on wage and salary levels for budgeting purposes. Drive Midlands can provide support with recruitment through trusted recruitment partners and networks. The table below gives an indication of staff costs for a selection of roles in a typical manufacturing environment. AVERAGE SALARIES Rate / hour (contract) Rate /hour/ year (permanent) Shop Floor Forklift Driver/Operator 8-9.50 per hour 16.5-20k per annum Warehouse Operator 8-9.50 per hour 16.5-20k per annum Assembly Line Worker 8-9.50 per hour 16.5-20k per annum Operator at quality check point 8-9.50 per hour 16.5-20k per annum Shift Supervisor 10.50-13 per hour 22-28k per annum Staff Quality Assurance Worker 9-10.50 per hour 19-22k per annum Quality Manager 180-200 per day 40-45k per annum IT Administrator 12-14 per hour 25-28k per annum IT Manager / Teamleader 160-180 per day 35-40k per annum Maintenance Operative 12-18 per hour 25-28k per annum Teamleader Maintenance 120-170 per day 35-38k per annum Material Requirement Planning (Despatch) 12-14per hour 25-28k per annum Team Leader Material Requirement Planning 120-170 per day 30-35k per annum Production Manager (for approx 80 workers) 160-200 per day 35-45k per annum Project Manager / Sales Manager 160-180 per day 35-40k per annum Logistics Manager 160-180 per day 35-40k per annum Business Development Manager 180-200 per day 40-45k per annum Finance & Accounts Manager 160-180 per day 35-40k per annum Plant Manager / General Manager 200-300 per day 60-65k per annum Assistant Plant Manager 160-200 per day 35-45k per annum The ENI (National Insurance) currently applicable is 13.8% of gross salary after deduction of 162 weekly allowance / 702 monthly allowance. 25 The workplace pension charge applicable from April 2018 is 2% of gross salary rising to 3% as of April 2019. RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS Jonathan Lee Recruitment Who we are For over 40 years we have provided permanent, contract and interim solutions across three dedicated areas: product development, manufacturing and commercial over the complete product lifecycle supporting passenger car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle applications. Revolutionary automotive developments in electric vehicle technology, from connected car to autonomous vehicles including advanced driver assistance systems and vehicle tracking is driving demand for a variety of complex recruitment solutions, which we are uniquely equipped to provide. Trusted by industry Working in partnership with our global clients ranging from OEMs, 1st and 2nd tier suppliers and SMEs, to high value, prestigious and niche automotive brands, we're committed to a culture of continuous improvement, providing clients with world-class recruitment services to keep us at the forefront of industry evolution. Many of our consultants are industry specialists from relevant engineering backgrounds, including full-vehicle development, powertrain, electrical and electronics, mechanical engineering, quality, MP&L, and design services and we pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of the skills, experience and personal attributes required for specialist automotive engineering roles. Industry supporters to the MIA, IMechE, REC accredited, EEF Advantages partner. Our commitment to you Jonathan Lee Recruitment is committed to delivering best-in-class recruitment and talent management services to the automotive sector. Taking the time to really understand your business needs and priorities, we adopt a partnership approach to help achieve your talent acquisition plans. We present the most relevant candidates for your needs, and our tailored solutions are aimed at adding value and contributing to your company's future success. Our partnering and personal approach takes into account the softer issues of recruitment, providing you with the best skills, personality and cultural fit for your needs. Our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of best practice allows you to benefit from the latest initiatives in recruitment, digital media and candidate attraction. Whether you are seeking to recruit one key individual or an entire team, our expert consultants, administrators and welfare support resource provide a dedicated, personalised and premier service. 26 Team Support Midlands Team Support Midlands have been providing innovative staffing solutions to Industry and Commerce in Birmingham since 2006. Partnering with Team Support to assist with your launch or expansion in Birmingham will allow you to share the wealth of knowledge and experience contained within our three specialist divisions. Industrial Team Support offers its clients Temporary and Permanent recruitment solutions across the whole manufacturing, assembly, packing, warehousing and distribution processes including management, technical and engineering support. Regardless of the assignments volume or discipline, our focus and drive is always to deliver the right candidates to meet the needs of our client in the most cost effective and timely manner. A flexible service tailored to meet the demands of your business pre, during and post its Birmingham launch or relocation. Our service standard includes these generic benefits: Clients are allocated a dedicated, experienced Account manager supported by a fully trained and experienced Recruitment team. Clients will have access to our wealth of local geographical knowledge including sector availability and pay rates data, plus access to training and education support We offer all Clients access to our large data base of active and compliant Candidates We offer free advertising across all media outlets as required We offer free use of our Interview facilities at our offices in the heart of Birmingham Clients also benefit from our In-depth knowledge and experience in employment law and agency legislation implementation. 27 Find out more about Drive Midlands can help you with your automotive investment plans in the Midlands UK +44 (0)121 202 5022 @DriveMidlands Find us on LinkedIn, search Drive Midlands Disclaimer Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this report, neither Drive Midlands nor the West Midlands Growth Company assume any liability for the accuracy of its content. Errors and emissions excepted. This disclaimer governs the use of this report. [By using this report, you accept this disclaimer in full. You must not rely on the information in the report as an alternative to advice from an appropriately qualified professional. We do not represent, warrant, undertake or guarantee that the use of guidance in the report will lead to any particular outcome or result. We will not be liable to you in respect of any business losses, including without limitation loss of or damage to profits, income, revenue, use, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, commercial opportunities or goodwill

About Drive Midlands

Drive Midlands provides a central hub for businesses; coordinating local support services for the automotive sector and collaborating more closely with higher and further education to support skills development. The aim will be to support the development of SMEs to safeguard the future of the automotive industry. 


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