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Page 1 of 3 A conscientious effort has been made as to the accuracy of this material. Neither the author, nor the publisher, will assume any liabilities for its use. SELLER’S DISCLOSURE STATEMENT Property Address: _______________________________________________________________________ Street City, Village, Township State Seller has lived in the residence on the property from ____________________ to ____________________. Seller has owned the property since ____________________. Purpose of Statement: This statement is a disclosure of the condition of the property in compliance with the Seller Disclosure Act. This statement is a disclosure of the condition and information concerning the property, known by the Seller. Unless otherwise advised, the Seller does not possess any expertise in construction, architect ure, engineering, or any other specific area related to the construction or condition of the improvements on the property or the land. Also, unless otherwise advised, the Seller has not conducted any inspection of generally inaccessible areas such as the foundation or roof. This statement is not a warranty of any kind by the Seller, and is not a substitute for any inspections or warranties the Buyer may wish to obtain. Seller’s Disclosure: The Seller discloses the following information with the knowledge that even though this is not a warranty, the Seller specifically makes the following representations based on the Seller’s knowledge at the signing of this document. The Seller is to provide a copy of this statement to any prospective Buyer in connection with any actual or anticipated sale of property. The following are representations made solely by the Seller. This information is a disclosure only and is not intended to be a part of any contract between Buyer and Seller. Instructions to the Seller(s): (1) Answer ALL questions. (2) Report known conditions affecting the property. (3) Attach additional pages with your signature if additional space is required. (4) Complete this form yourself. (5) If some items do not apply to your property, check NOT AVAILABLE. If you do not know the facts, check UNKNOWN. FAILURE TO PROVIDE A PURCHASER WITH A SIGNED DISCLOSURE STATEMENT WILL ENABLE A PURCHASER TO TERMINATE AN OTHERWISE BINDING PURCHASE AGREEMENT. Appliances/Systems/Services: The items below are in working order. (The items listed below are included in the sale of the property only if the purchase agreement provides.) Yes No Unknown Not Available Yes No Unknown Not Available Range/Oven Lawn Sprinkler Dishwasher Water Heater Refrigerator Plumbing System Hood/Fan Well & Pump TV Antenna, TV Rotor & Controls Water Softener/ Conditioner Electrical System Sump Pump Garage Door Opener & Remote Control Septic Tank & Drain Field Alarm System City Water System Intercom City Sewer System Central Vacuum Wall Furnace Attic Fan Humidifier Pool heater, Wall Liner, & Equipment Central Air Conditioning Central Heating System Solar Heating System Microwave Electronic Air Filter Trash Compactor Fireplace & Chimney Ceiling Fan Wood Burning System Sauna/Hot Tub Washer Dryer Explanations (attach additional sheets if necessary): ___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, ALL HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES ARE SOLD IN WORKING ORDER EXCEPT AS NOTED, WITHOUT WARRANTY BEYOND DATE OF CLOSING. Page 2 of 3 A conscientious effort has been made as to the accuracy of this material. Neither the author, nor the publisher, will assume any liabilities for its use. Property Conditions, Improvements, and Additional Information: 1. Basement/Crawl Space: Has there been evidence of water? Yes No Unknown If yes, explain: ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Insulation: Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI) is installed? Yes No Unknown In exterior walls? Yes No Unknown In ceiling/attic? Yes No Unknown In other areas? Yes No Unknown 3. Roof: Any leaks? Yes No Unknown Any existing fire retardant treated (FRT) plywood? Yes No Unknown Approximate age, if known: ____________________ 4. Well: Type of Well (depth/diameter, age, repair history, if known): ____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Has the water been tested? Yes No Unknown If yes, date of last report and results: ____________________________________________________________ 5. Septic Tanks/Drain Fields: Is the system functioning properly? Yes No Unknown If no, explain: _______________________________________________________________________________ If septic, when was the system last pumped? ____________________ 6. Heating System: Is heat supplied to all furnished rooms? Yes No Unknown Type: ______________________________ Approximate Age: ____________________ 7. Plumbing System: Is the system in working condition? Yes No Unknown Type: Copper Galvanized Other ______________________________ 8. Electrical Systems: Does the system meet existing code requirements? Yes No Unknown Any known problems: ________________________________________________________________________ 9. Infestation: Any current infestations or existing damage? Yes No Unknown 10. Environment problems: Are there any substances, materials, or products that may be an environmental hazard (including, but not limited to, asbestos, radon gas, lead-based paint, underground storage tanks for fuel or chemicals, formaldehyde) on or affecting the property? Yes No Unknown If yes, please explain: _________________________________________________________________________ 11. Flood Insurance: Do you have flood insurance on the property? Yes No Unknown 12. Mineral Rights: Do you own the mineral rights of the property? Yes No Unknown Other Items: Are you aware of any of the following: 1. Features of the property shared in common with the adjoining landowners (walls, fences, roads, driveways, etc.) whose use or responsibility for maintenance may have an effect on the property? Yes No Unknown 2. Any encroachments, easements, zoning violations, or nonconforming uses? Yes No Unknown 3. Any “common areas” (pools, tennis courts, walkways, or other areas co-owned with others), or a homeowners’ association that has any authority over the property? Yes No Unknown 4. Structural modifications, alterations, or repairs made without necessary permits? Yes No Unknown 5. Settling, flooding, drainage, structural, or grading problems? Yes No Unknown 6. Major damage to the property from fire, wind, floods, or landslides? Yes No Unknown 7. Farm or farm operation in the vicinity, or proximity to a landfill, airport, etc.? Yes No Unknown 8. Any outstanding utility assessments or fees? Yes No Unknown 9. Any outstanding municipal assessments or fees? Yes No Unknown 10. Any pending litigation that could affect the property or selling of the property? Yes No Unknown If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please explain. Attach additional sheets, if necessary: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Seller has indicated the condition of all the items based on information known to the Seller. If any changes occur in the structural/mechanical/appliance systems of this property from the date of this form to the date of closing, Seller will immediately disclose the changes to the Buyer. Page 3 of 3 A conscientious effort has been made as to the accuracy of this material. Neither the author, nor the publisher, will assume any liabilities for its use. Note: Seller(s) may wish to disclose the condition of other buildings on the property on a separate RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY DISCLOSURE FORM. Note: Buyer(s) should obtain professional advice and inspections of the property to more fully determine the conditions of the property. Buyer(s) are also advised that certain information complied pursuant to the Sex Offenders Registration Act, 1994 PA 295, MCL 28.721 to 28.732 is available to the public. Buyers seeking such information should contact the Local Department of State Police, Central Criminal Records Exchange. Als o, Buyer(s) are advised that the State equalized value of the property, homestead exemption information and other real property tax information is available from the appropriate local assessor’s office. Buyer(s) should not assume that Buyer’s future tax b ills on the property will be the same as the Seller’s present tax bills. Under state law, real property tax obligations can change significantly when property is transferred. The Seller(s) acknowledge having carefully examined this statement, including any comments continued on the reverse side, and state that this statement is complete and accurate as of the date signed. At or before settlement, the Seller(s) will be required to disclose any material change in the physical condition of the property. ____________________________ __________ ____________________________ __________ Seller Date Seller Date The Buyer(s) acknowledge receipt of a copy of this disclosure statement. The Buyer(s) acknowledge that the Seller(s) make no presentation with respect to any matters which may pertain to parcels adjacent to the subject property and should exercise whatever due diligence deemed necessary with respect to adjacent parcels in accordance with terms and conditions as may be continued in the real estate purchases contract, but in any event prior to settlement. ____________________________ __________ ____________________________ __________ Buyer Date Buyer Date

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