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ExtendAzon 2.0 Secret Amazon Rule Unlocks Extended Commission Time ExtendAzon 2.0 is the original Amazon affiliate shopping cart plugin which was released back in March, 2012 and was the first Amazon affiliate shopping cart plugin on the market. It allows you to take advantage of the Amazon API shopping cart features to get the 90 day cookie, plus it makes your site really professional looking. http://crownreviews.com/extendazon-review-bonus/ ExtendAzon 2.0 Overview Homepage: ExtendAzon 2.0 Official Site Product Name: ExtendAzon 2.0 Type of Product: WP Plugin Authors: Ryan Stevenson Target niche: Affiliate Marketing, Online Store Optimization, ExtendAzon is a simple to use plugin that can be used on new Amazon sites or even dropped into any existing Amazon WP site. It will convert Amazon affiliate links into shopping cart links. Official Price: $37 Special Offer: 45%-OFF HERE! (Hurry Up! It expires very soon!) Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below: o GIANT Bonuses Pack 1 o SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2 o ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3 o HUGE Bonuses Pack 4 o MEGA Bonuses Pack 5 What is ExtendAzon 2.0? I have some really important information for you today about the Amazon Associates Program that affects your commissions. There is one specific Amazon rule that controls whether an affiliate has 1 day or 90 days to land a referred sale. Amazon has fairly extensive legal documentation that governs the exact rules of their affiliate program, and many affiliates do not bother to read them or may not completely understand them. Clause #7 of the Associates Program Operating Agreement details how and when you get credit for referring a sale. The first thing that you need to understand about this clause is this statement... "A "Session" begins when a customer clicks through a Special Link on your site to the Amazon Site and ends upon the first to occur of the following: (x) 24 hours elapse from that click". The "Special Link" in that statement is your Amazon affiliate product link commonly used to refer sales. It simply means that when someone clicks your link, you only get credit when the sale takes place within 24 hours. Unless your website visitors are taking immediate action to buy the products you promote, you are likely losing sales. It is common practice to promote higher priced products for higher commissions. However, a lot of consumers will wait more than 24 hours before actually buying those higher priced goods - they may need to talk to their spouse first or simply wait until they get paid. Fortunately, there is something that you can do about this problem. There is one exception in Amazon's rules that allows for more time beyond that 24 hour time limit - read this statement, still from clause #7... a "Qualifying Purchase" occurs when (a) a customer clicks through a Special Link on your site to the Amazon Site; (b) during a single Session that customer either (i) adds a Product to his or her shopping cart and places the order for that Product no later than 89 days following the customer's initial click-through, (ii) purchases a Product via our 1-Click feature". Take note of the sentence that includes the words "89 days". When someone adds a product to their Amazon shopping cart, you'll get credit for the sale as long as it happens within 90 days of the initial click. Some people may immediately add a product they want to their shopping cart but a lot of others won't and you won't get credit for those sales. There is one way to get around this rule though - Amazon has an API system that has a shopping cart system. That system can actually be utilized to send ALL of your traffic to Amazon with the 90 day time limit. The bad news is that you need to be a programmer to set up that system. However, the good news is that another programmer has already done this for you. A new WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates allows you to tap into the power of the Amazon shopping cart system and the 90 day time limit. It is simple to use and can be quickly implemented into any existing Amazon site. ExtendAzon 2.0 is the original Amazon affiliate shopping cart plugin which was released back in March, 2012 and was the first Amazon affiliate shopping cart plugin on the market. It allows you to take advantage of the Amazon API shopping cart features to get the 90 day cookie, plus it makes your site really professional looking. How Does ExtendAzon 2.0 Work? Special Features of ExtendAzon 2.0: USE ON ANY WORDPRESS SITE ExtendAzon was built using a unique and powerful technology that doesn't exist in any other plugin on the market. This technology allows ExtendAzon to scan an entire website to detect Amazon affiliate links so it can convert them into shopping cart links on-the-fly. Ultimately, this means that the plugin can be used on any WordPress site and it won't even change how you edit or build the site. Multiple scanning options even allow the detection of most java script links and cloaked links. TWO CART LINK TYPES When ExtendAzon converts an Amazon link, there are two main types of links users can choose for it to create. An on-site cart link allows the visitor to click multiple Amazon links on your site to add all of those products to a shopping cart on your website. When they click to Checkout, all of those products will get added to their Amazon shopping cart. The other type of link, a direct cart link, goes straight from an Amazon link to the Amazon shopping cart. Both link types deliver a 90 day cookie lifespan. FOUR SHOPPING CART DESIGNS When on-site cart links are used, it puts an e-commerce style shopping cart on the website that works with Amazon affiliate links. ExtendAzon users get to pick from one of four cart designs to use. Version 1.0 offered a sidebar / widget based shopping cart that could be used anywhere a theme offered a widget location. Version 2.0 still has the widget but it now offers a full-page shopping cart and slide-out cart tabs. The full-page cart is similar to what you see on normal e-commerce websites, and this also comes with an optional cart icon widget that will give a summary and quick access to the cart page. The slide-out tab has a right and a left version, so you can choose where it will be located on your site. AUTOMATIC CART UPSELLS Anytime a visitor adds a product to the on-site shopping cart, ExtendAzon will automatically retrieve other products from Amazon that are commonly purchased with the selected item. Affiliate ads will then be generated for these items and shown to the visitor below the shopping cart. This uses the same system that Amazon uses to promote upsells on their website and now affiliates can have the same technology on their site too! EASY TO CUSTOMIZE ExtendAzon 2.0 features an extensively redesigned back-end administrator system that makes it easier for users to customize the plugin to their liking and to fit the overall design of their website. Help explanations are now built-in to make it simple for even a first-time user. TWO LIVE COACHING CALLS To ensure that all customers get the most out of this plugin, Ryan Stevenson will be hosting a total of two live coaching webinars for them. These will be in the first 10 days after the launch period, and recordings will be provided after they are over. In these live classes, Ryan will be teaching his personal tactics using ExtendAzon 2.0, helping new customers with questions they have about using the plugin, and even holding open Q&A sessions to make sure nobody is left sitting on a question. FREE UPGRADES (EXTENDAZON 2.X BRANCH) All customers of ExtendAzon will continue to receive free 2.x updates to the plugin that may include bug fixes and even new features. Ryan's plugins are updated on a regular basis to keep them compatible with recent WordPress versions and Amazon's Affiliate Agreement. Customer feedback is always welcome and appreciated, so sometimes modifications or additions may also be made to the plugin after release for these purposes. How it works: This plugin gives you two main ways to promote Amazon products with the extended cookie lifespan: EXTENDAZON DIRECT CART LINKS EXTENDAZON ON-SITE CART LINKS Who Should Use ExtendAzon 2.0? No matter what niche you are in - this plugin is for any kind of site in any category out there. If just one site like this could make you a lot of money per month - how many such sites would you create? Besides, with the easy-to-use function, you can make it work no matter whom you are making this product doesn't require much of your skill. All you have to do after grab this WP Plugin are just one click and follow three simple steps to create multiple high-ranking affiliate niche sites with 100s of curated products, videos and posts. Why should you Get ExtendAzon 2.0 Now? If you are sending traffic to Amazon as an affiliate, you have likely referred sales WITHOUT receiving a commission. This is literally throwing your hard earned money in the trash! As an Amazon Associate, your traffic gets tagged with an affiliate cookie that ONLY lasts for 24 hours. This means that you are ONLY getting paid for spontaneous purchases people make the same day you refer them! When your traffic decides to do more research or wait until pay day to buy, you're not getting credit for those sales even though you actually referred them! ExtendAzon offers you the opportunity to take advantage Amazon API shopping cart feature on your site WITHOUT changing your advertising plugin! Just install ExtendAzon and all Amazon affiliate links on your site will get converted into shopping cart links ( ExtendAzon does NOT generate ANY Amazon ads)! It's purpose is to CONVERT all of the Amazon affiliate ads on your site into links that work with the Amazon shopping cart (this can be done with direct links or an on-site shopping cart). It will work with standard Amazon affiliate ads that have been manually created through the Amazon site and it will even work with Amazon ads created by almost ANY other Amazon affiliate WP plugin Conclusion This special WILL be closing down at midnight tonight with a drastic price increase. Once again, the early-bird launch special is ending in just a few hours, so there is not much time left to pick up your copy.. Use this plugin right away and start keeping your Amazon commissions!!! 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