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Be the Leader in Eservice Customer Service Solutions has traditionally been the function that remains first line of contact with the customer. In some industries, over 90% of all interactions happen via Customer Service. They are the front-line of the relationship and in most cases they retain command and control of how that interaction flows. There has been a huge demand on customer service. Customer service have always been under pressure and also the receivers of multiple requests from different sources: business stakeholders within the organization expect them to deliver customer data, insights, and information derived from those interactions, customers expect them to deliver against their needs, wants, and desires, and management expect them to always deliver more with ever-dwindling resources. When it comes to customer service customers expect email service or e-service to be readily available and have answers to their questions delivered quickly, reliably, and consistently. You need an email solution that intelligently automates the process of capturing, analyzing and recommending responses, increase email service consistency and accuracy. Also improve agent productivity and scales to handle millions of messages every day. Any Email Response solution should provide superior email service while containing costs. Any email service should: Improve customer satisfaction with auto-acknowledgements and personalized, professional answers. Respond to customers faster and more consistently. Increase agent productivity with an intelligent agent desktop and productivity tools. Improve contact center performance. Effectively manage compliance. Use extensive set of productivity tools and integration with knowledge management. Provide scripted answers are automatically suggested based on content analysis. Provide Pre-defined replies, canned phrase selection, and automatic solution. Provide context-based auto-acknowledgements, responses, and automatic case closure Eliminate manual handling. Also With our managed services, you can : Shorten customer service implementation time with hosted services. Optimize eService operations with an advanced reporting console that provides real-time metrics to monitor and improve service delivery. Learn more about: - customer service experience

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