Chimney Sweep Certificate

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Chimney Sweep Association UK The Chimney Sweep business is a strange one. It is hard to know if they are a dying trade or a booming one. When I speak to friends in London about chimney sweeps, they often look at me like I'm talking about dinosaurs from the Cretaceous era. "Chimney sweeps? Really? They still exist?" is a pretty common reaction from younger people. And yet, the numbers of registered chimney sweeps with chimney sweep associations has greatly increase over the last 10 years or so and while it is harder to monitor, the number of independents also seems to be at least stable if not growing. So, what is going on here? Well, it is very much a tale of two sides. The rise of fancy wood burning stoves in nice London flats has kept the sweeps in business. Few people realise when they get a wood burning stove that sweeping will be needed each year, and that you better ensure you get a valid certificate recognised by home insurers too. To get more details please follow the link:


Chimney sweep association, look for the logo request the Certificate. Ensure your chimney sweep is Sweep Safe Certified. Only Sweep Safe certified professionals issue Sweep Safe proof of work Certificates. Industry standards recognised by all major home insurers. The chimney sweep association where experience matters.


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