Manage your multi-service business with an app like GoJek

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M anage your mult i -ser vice business with an app like GoJek Entrepreneurs who provide a var iety of services wi l l generate greater r evenue. But, the one drawback they face is the di ff icul ty in m anaging an app for each of the services avai lable. They wi l l end up h ir ing several r esources to m anage the services eff icient ly. To provide an effect ive solut ion to the entrepreneurs, the GoJek Clone app cam e in to play. I t is a single app that can accom m odate m ul t iple on-dem and services. The basic idea of th is app is to help the business persons m anage their services easi ly. M ai n featu r es of a Gojek app: There are cer tain m ajor features to be present in the app. Include the fol lowing attr ibutes to provide a good user exper ience. M ul t i p l e pan el s: Provide di fferent panels based on the roles avai lable. In a food del iver y app, the user , the adm in istr ator , the del iver y executive, and the restaurant owner wi l l r equire a separate dashboard with varying opt ions. Geo-l ocat i on : The users should know the locat ion of the executive and the est im ated t im e for del iver y. So, including the GPS feature wi l l help the custom er tr ack the locat ion of the del iver y personnel . Sim i lar ly, the executive should be able to access the locat ion of the custom er. Paym en t m ethods: Include m ul t iple paym ent gateways in the app to help the custom er pay easi ly. M ake sure that they are safe and secure. The exper ts avai lable at Uber EatsLi k eApp wi l l help you develop an app with al l these features and m ore. Drop a m ai l at i n fo@uber eatsl i k to get in touch with them .


There are certain major features to be present in the app. Include the following attributes to provide a good user experience. Get more information visit our website.


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