The Best Waterfalls Zip in USA

Sep 16, 2019 | Publisher: Piiholo Ranch Adventures | Category: Sports |   | Views: 33 | Likes: 5

The combo tour has a lot to offer and all of it is astounding. Piiholo Zipline has the best combo tours including waterfalls and zip, which can make your Maui trip unforgettable. visit us at for more details.

About Piiholo Ranch Adventures

Piiholo Ranch began as a dream of Peter Baldwin, a 5th generation descendant of Reverend Dwight Baldwin, who came to Maui in the 1830’s as a missionary. Pete’s great love of the outdoors led him to found Piiholo Ranch with the help of his three sons Jeff, Duke, and Chris. Together, they built a premier cattle business and horseback riding venture.


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