Photography Effect That Every Wedding Photographer Should Know

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Types of Wedding Photography Different e i Photography Stles MELBOURNE Some photographers are expert in the different type of wedding photography styles. You need to understand them before choose one of the best that suits your needs. ● Traditional Wedding Photography ● Photojournalism ● Vintage Photography ● Modern Photography Traditional Wedding Photography In this type of photography, bride and groom pose for the camera for shoots. The bride and the groom would pose and then the photographer would count 1, 2, 3 to prepare them to smile and have the photo captured. Photojournalism In this type of photography, photographers capture the picture unaware of the camera. The advantage of photojournalism is that it captures a person unawares and so it brings out the natural look of the person captured. Vintage Photography Modern technology of photography applied in this photograph, but is applied to bring the vintage rustic look of the captured photos. Modern Photography This is a popular photography style in which photographer captures the everything that take place at the wedding. Photographers use high quality DSLR cameras and even dreams to capture picture from different angles. PVH Production 51-55 City Road , Southbank, VIC - 3006 Call: (03) 9079 3551 Visit:

The wedding photographer should learn how to increase contrast in B&W pictures without clipping any highlights or shadows. This effect is very useful when the photographer needs to edit the dark area of groom tuxedo and bright area of the bride dress.

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