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HOPE PARK DENTAL PRACTICE EDINBURGH TEETH WHITENING FAQS A healthy white smile How white will my teeth go? Whether you are looking for a subtle freshness, or to combat significant discolouration, our product offers the flexibility to address all concerns improving the overall appearance and health of your smile. Are there any dangers with teeth whitening? The treatment is minimally invasive and practical whilst offering a safe aesthetic solution. The treatment has no detrimental effect on existing restorations which remain colour stable throughout and following treatment. Will the treatment whiten crowns, veneers or fillings? Can everyone get their teeth whitened? There are very few limitations to whitening healthy tooth structure. A full examination with your dentist beforehand is important. It’s worth remembering that one important restriction is to avoid having it done by someone other than a dentist.The kit we use is also Kosher and suitable for vegans. We would suggest avoiding whitening if breast feeding or pregnant although there are few studies or evidence which show it is harmful. How long does the treatment last? The brand we use offers longer lasting results within a shorter time frame. The results can last for years with regular maintenance.. Will the treatment hurt? Treatment sensitivity is resolved with potassium fluoride incorporated into the gels. There are 4 choices of strength and a stabilised pH to avoid damage to your teeth whilst optimal water content minimises sensitivity. Are there any foods that I should avoid to keep my teeth white after treatment? To maintain a bright white smile avoid food and drinks that make your teeth susceptible to staining such as tea, coffee, red wine and curry. You should also avoid smoking. Will tooth whitening cause permanent damage to my tooth enamel? There is no risk of permanent damage to your enamel. 18 W H A T A G E D O Y O U N E E D T O B E L E G A L L Y T O H A V E Y O U R T E E T H W H I T E N E D I N T H E U K ?

About Hope Park Dental Practice

Hope Park Dental clinic is a private and NHS dentist in Newington , South Edinburgh. The practice is family orientated and offers the full range of dentistry treatments including teeth restoration, straightening, whitening, dentures, dental implants and dental emergencies. The principal dentist is Andrew Jeffrey and there are two other fully qualified dentists in the practice, dental nurses, hygienists and reception staff. Dental implants are a speciality. The practice is open Monday through Friday and is actively welcoming new patients. New patients looking for private or NHS funded treatment are welcome to make an appointment for an initial chat with the practice manager.


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