Innovative nozzle from Parker produces ultrafine droplets

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Both nozzles are operating at 500 psi. The capacity for the Macrospray nozzle is 3.6 gph, while the impact nozzle produces 3.3 gph. The spray pattern from the Macrospray is uniform, consisting of finely atomized droplets essential for good evaporation. In contrast, the impact nozzle’s pattern is marked with voids and large rogue droplets. Read more about this technology on the marketplace. Register with now to keep cur- rent on new technologies and needs as they appear. tow0066372.pdf 08 January 2012 Copyright © 2012 Inc. Inc. 10 Kearney Rd. Needham, MA 02494 USA +1-781-972-0600 +1-781-972-0601 fax Europe Liverpool Science Park Innovation Center, 131 Mount Pleasant Liverpool, L3 5TF United Kingdom +44 (0) 151 705 3539 +44 (0) 151 705 3542 fax Asia 2F Kawasaki Park Bldg. I 3-15-5, Kanda Nishiki-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0054 +81-3-5217-0217 +81-3-5217-0218 fax Interested in this technology? Ask for an introduction to the technology provider. Contact: Introduction Manager, +1-781-972-0600 or email Innovative nozzle produces ultrafine droplets and consistent spray patterns even at low pressures for unprecedented operating cost savings Parker nozzles atomize better and more efficiently at lower pressures than do other nozzles. The technology is fully commercialized. Energy-saving nozzles for spray systems save on operational and capital equipment costs by using lower pressures and less piping while achieving finer mists and better coverage. The nozzles are appropriate for liquids, colloids, gases, and some slurries (depending on particle size). Parker-Hannifin Macrospray® technology nozzles offer droplet sizes down to 25 microns at operating pressures as low as 100 psi. An inlet pressure of 1000psi results in a droplet size typically less than 10 microns. Because the Macrospray technology does not rely on compressed air, Parker nozzles also atomize better and more efficiently at lower pressures than do other nozzles. The technology is fully commercialized. Parker-Hannifin Macrospray® nozzles are backed by years of testing and validation. They result in significantly longer life and higher process operating efficiencies. The Parker nozzles are produced from digital tools with the flow features chemically etched in substrates that are diffusion welded resulting in a monolithic structure. This robust manufacturing process leads to reproducible internal and external features and life-long, consistent spray patterns. Hydraulically smooth internal surfaces reduce flow losses and maximize efficiency. Nozzle passages, including metering slots, spin chambers, and exit orifices are designed to minimize pressure drop to conserve pump energy. A spray system can include multiple fluids, spray coolant galleries, internal manifolding, and spray control valving. The nozzles can be made from a number of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel, and others. Cosmetic, wear, or chemically resistant layers can be added to the outside of nozzles. Multiple spray points can be engineered into a single head to provide custom patterns and coverage. Flexible manifolding and spray pattern can result in tailored mass flux for most any application. There is no other atomizing nozzle on the market that is as small, that produces droplets as fine, or that offers such a variety of packaging -- especially suitable for tight spaces — as Macrospray ® nozzles from Parker-Hannifin. The nozzles produce uniform coverage in an almost infinite range of spray sizes and patterns. The nozzles can be packaged with single exit orifices, as an X by Y array of orifices, or as spider nozzles with multiple spray points per assembly. Multiple orifices provide superior performance and the option of significantly higher fluid flow rates. Multiple spray points per assembly can also reduce the piping requirements for a system. Spray performance from competing nozzles distort over time. Parker nozzles wear uniformly, so spray patterns and spray uniformity remain consistent over the life of the nozzle. Parker Macrospray nozzles exhibit longer life and require less energy spent in pumping, thus offering reduced operational and maintenance costs. Direct contact: Thomas Bauer Program Manager/Business Development Parker Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division Mentor, OH USA Desk: +1-440-266-2424 Mobile: +1-216-533-0525


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