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Can I Use Epoxy Resin Over Organic Material & Natural Objects? Some natural objects can off gas trapped air into the resin which can be prevented by sealing first. Resin can make natural objects look like they would when wet, so we always recommend testing first so you know exactly what to expect. Some important points: Resin will make the colours look darker, as they would when wet - if you want to test this out how they'll look, use a little water over top to see how the colours change ( usually it's for the better! ) Some natural objects need to be sealed - Some organic material, such as wood, can contain trapped air which can de-gas into the ArtResin in the form of bubbles as it's curing. To prevent this, use a sealant over the surface first to create a barrier to prevent air from escaping. Make sure natural objects are dry - Whether you resin over natural objects, it's important to make sure they're thoroughly dry first. Moisture causes wood to expand and contract which could cause the resin to crack. When it comes to leaves and flowers, you want to make sure these are completely dry, or else they may rot under the resin. TIP: Place leaves and flowers in silica gel for to completely dry them out. Use caution when pouring and spreading over delicate areas of your artwork - Be aware that resin is thick and can be heavy if a large amount is used over delicate objects such as butterfly wings. Because of this, you may wish to apply the resin in thin coats. As always, we always suggest testing on a non-masterpiece first just to make sure you get the results you want before you move on to your final project! Visit for more paint products details and Paint Manufacturers, Alkyd Resin Manufacturers, Epoxy Paint Manufacturers, Heat Resistant Paint Manufacturers, Phenolic Resin Manufacturers, Pu Paint Manufacturers, Resin Manufacturers, Industrial Paint Manufacturers, epoxy & Acrylics Coating Manufacturer, building materials manufacturers.


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