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www.ledmyplace.com LED BULB Consider Buying A LED Bulb If Looking For Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions Every business or house hold owner is looking for the most energy efficient lighting solutions that can reduce the shooting electricity bills as well. The most easiest and affordable way to quickly reduce the monthly energy bills is by switching to the LED Bulb over the traditional MH or halogen light bulbs. Though there are still many who are using the out dated halogen bulbs unaware of the fact the LED light bulbs are more effective lighting solution that can be used at the commercial and residential places as well since they are available in different watts consumption and design that can easily match your different lighting needs. Also these bulbs can accommodate easily to any space as there are numerous options and types available in these bulbs for your consideration. Beneath we are discussing the reasons why using a LED Bulb is better lighting solution and switching to these LED Bulbs can prove to be beneficial for your business. Following are some of the major benefits that you will see once you start using these bulbs to lighten your homes and workplace as well. Benefits Which You Can Avail While Using A LED Bulb This is one of the most important factors to consider, the LED Bulb is designed to operate for more than 50,000 hours and sometimes even more than 100,000 hours as well; however, the exact number of hours depend upon the time, you are using these bulbs in a day. You can expect the LED Bulbs to last for more than 15 years as well if you are using them for just six to eight hours in a day also. Still after being used for more number of years, these bulbs will not burn out over time like the case you found in halogens or incandescents bulbs; neither will loss brightness as well. www.ledmyplace.com They Are Energy-Efficient Till now, the LEDs are the most effective way of lighting and they have proved to be 80-90% more efficient than the normal bulbs. The LED Bulb transforms 80-90% of the energy into light rather than heat, which is totally different from incandescent bulbs whose lose 80% of their energy in the form of heat and only 20% energy is utilised, which is a just a complete wastage of resources and your income as well. You can fit entire house with these LED Bulbs and gradually with time will find your investments more worthy. For instance, if you use a 9w BR30 LED Bulb that produces 650 lumens, you can replace it with 40w of any other bulb thus making more savings. Yes, They Are Eco-Products The LED Bulbs don't contain any toxic compounds or elements like mercury or lead which otherwise is found in case of using halogen bulbs. In fact LED Bulb is made up of 100% recyclable material and helps to reduce the carbon footprint manifolds. Also the fact, that these LED Bulbs can last for more number of years than the halogen bulbs, which means they will save more on material and production cost as well. Also there are no UV emissions by these LED Bulbs and produce no infra-red lights that make them perfect to be used in storage warehouses as well so that you can keep the items stored safely without getting damaged by UV or heat. www.ledmyplace.com LED Bulb Is Durable The LED Bulbs are made with sturdy materials and components that can withstand harsh weather, shocks, vibrations etc thus increasing the overall life of these bulbs along with protecting you and your family members from all kind of shocks and vibrations as well. due to their so many advantages, LED Bulb is increasingly being used at the commercial and industrial places where the nature of job is little bit challenging. Also you can select these LED Bulbs as per the shade, brightness, wattage consumption, lumen efficiency etc that can help in uplifting the ambience of the place. They Work Instantly Last but not the least, the LED Bulb starts delivering bright full results immediately they are turned on and you can turn them on and off many times without witnessing a downfall in their performance. While using Halogen bulbs or other low- energy bulbs, you have to wait for few minutes to get the maximum output, and turning them off and on regularly can reduce their lifespan as well. Also these LED Bulbs are perfect to be used in very cold environments such as inside freezer, coolers etc where the incandescent or halogen bulbs fail to deliver lighting results and hence are unsafe to use over there. So these are some of the benefits of installing an LED Bulb that can help in illuminating the wider places due to their wider beam angle that remove all the dark spots with 100% efficiency. Also these LED Bulbs are UL listed products which guarantees that it has maintained all the safety standard standards as well. Switch to the LED Bulb to be part of LED lighting revolution. www.ledmyplace.com Thank You info@ledmyplace.com | 888-972-6211

Every business or household owner is looking for the most energy efficient lighting solutions that can reduce the shooting of electricity bills as well. The easiest and affordable way to quickly reduce the monthly energy bills is by switching to the LED Bulb over the traditional MH or halogen light bulbs.

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