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Find Online Direct Lending | Peer to Peer Business Loans and More The peer to peer lending market is created by connecting individuals with business loans allow people to bypass banks. direct lending marketplace lending peer to peer lending sipp direct lenders peer to peer business loans peer to peer lending peer to peer lending uk Why choose rebuildingsociety? We pass on 100% of the rewards It is possible to lend at interest rates of up to 20% on our platform because we do not take a margin, so 100% of the interest paid by borrowers is relayed to the lenders. While the rewards are high, sometimes the risks can also be significant, you should not expect every loan to make every repayment on time. After 5 years, our risk-adjusted rate of return is 8.9% per annum after defaults, fees and bad debt. Our past performance is good, but no guarantee of future performance. With > 5 years of history, you can trust us to deliver on our promises We work hard to find and approve opportunities for you to fund. Most perform well and repay their loan with interest, but not every business is successful. We work hard with collaborative entrepreneurs to keep them performing, but the truth is that some businesses will fail. Contact us: Add: No 1 Leeds, Fourth floor, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds West Yorkshire, LS12 1BE UK Call us: 0113 8150 244 Email us: Visit at: Follow us on:


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