Sit N Go Strategies

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Sit N Go Strategies Sit N Go are simply the mini-poker tournaments. These could be played in multi-table tournaments; however the single table tournaments with about nine to ten players are more common than the rest. These are known as the Sit N Go tournaments since they fill up the tables as soon as the event starts. Such online poker tournaments are quite popular online and hence the players can also find them in the traditional casinos for example you can watch a zodiac casino review. A Sit N Go final table is like the final table of any tournament. The best part about such tournaments is that the players need to beat only about 6-7 players in order to get the money. The profits are usually given to the top three players of the table. The most important Sit N Go strategy is to have patience. A majority of the players in the Sit N Go tournament that bet with low stakes are very loose and they bet on too many hands. It is recommended that the players should not play too many hands in the very beginning. Hence it is required to sit back and play only on the premium hands until the loose players knock themselves with the aggressive game. With the decrease in the stack size, the table would be reduced to a total of four to five players. And after this point, the players would have to beat only two to three other players in order to get the money. There are different strategies for different stages of the game. There is no rule that guarantees a win in the game of online poker. But following some guidelines would increase your chances of a win. Early Stage In the beginning, it is advisable to play only the bigger hands against a smaller group of players. The players should not get involved into the multi-way jackpots in order to prevent any bad beats. It is important to be selective and aggressive at this phase in the game. Try increasing the stack size in order to survive during the initial stages. Chasing a draw would decrease the stack size and raises must be avoided in all cases. Keep waiting for the stronger hand. Middle Stage At this stage in the game, the action is really tight. This is the phase where the players can steal the blinds and keep building the short stacks. It is important to note that the blinds here are short-sized and hence they will be pot committed. Do not waste the chips in increasing the pot size. Any kind of a pocket pair with an ace or any other big card is worth the bet at this stage in the game. Last Stage After having made some money until this part of the game, it is now time for the next goal. This means that if you have a higher stack size, then it is important to place a raise in every hand. You should not let the other players see the flop. This is the time where the players can take advantage of their opponents. Even if you haven't been successful in making some money out of the game up until now, then clearly you have nothing much to lose. This doesn't mean that you can keep bluffing in the game. The bigger players with a higher stack would be targeting the smaller players in this stage. Some players are hesitant in playing the Sit n Go tournaments because they think that the players here are seasoned experts.


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