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Web-Based Workflow Automation Software Learn more at Revolutionize the way you do business by replacing your time-consuming manual document processes with automated digital processes. OnTask can quickly help you increase productivity and reduce the costs associated with manual or paper-based business processes. Whether you need people to fi ll out forms or review and sign documents, OnTask’s automated workfl ows and electronic document management allow you to streamline both internal and external business processes. Save time and money automating business processes—especially those requiring signatures Reduce error-prone manual processes Increase your team’s productivity and effi ciency Provide a reliable and seamless experience for your customers Integrate seamlessly with your CRM and document management systems OnTask Features 800 453 4722 Workflows can be customized to meet your unique business process, no matter how simple or complex. They go beyond the signing ceremony to complete the entire end-to-end business process. OnTask supports dozens of document and image types, such as Excel, JPEG and PNG, not just PDF and Word. Eliminate paper from your processes. No more lost, destroyed, or misfiled information. White label option lets you maintain branding for emails and workflows. Built on proven and trusted technology. OnTask is brought to you by Accusoft—a leading document and imaging technology provider since 1991. Digital Signature Secure, legally binding e-signature that’s compliant with the ESIGN Act. Electronic Forms Web-based and document- based forms that users can review and complete digitally. Workflow Automation Set up consistent yet flexible workflow steps that put routine tasks on autopilot, eliminating delays and manual entry errors. Key Benefits    

Accusoft is excited to announce its launch of our new workflow automation software, OnTask. OnTask is a web application that uses innovative technology to solve business processing needs, but requires no coding. OnTask enhances productivity, reduces paper waste, and ultimately increases your bottom line.

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Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, content and imaging solutions as fully supported, enterprise-grade, best-in-class client-server applications, mobile apps, cloud services and software development kits (SDKs). The company’s HTML5 viewing technology is available to the enterprise as PrizmDoc, in cloud-based SaaS versions, and in a version optimized for SharePoint integration.

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