One Giant Leap In Technology

Apr 20, 2015 | Publisher: williamgunn | Category: Technology |  | Collection: Migrated Docs

Copyrights One giant leap in technology: Abundance is what we as humans think to achieve. Things may be acquired. You look into some products which is way beyond your buying budget. But somehow you manage to buy it either by lending money or saving money or the even easier method swipe in your credit card. The well-known concept of the EMI is being celebrated by people all over the globe in the last decade ever since its inception. In a world where satisfaction is brought about by owning something and owning seems to be a very difficult process in the same world, people prefer to owe money to companies in the long run. Bill gates' Microsoft's stock value didn't skyrocket in a day. So taking that into consideration, it would take more than a million years to change the way the world is working now. We, the founders of the application WiFi hacker is just taking a small step to that million-year process. Presuming everyone knows bits and pieces about wireless networks, snaked-shaped Ethernet cable wires, fiber net, 4G et cetera , there are things which should be classified higher than 'bits and pieces'. Those things are the security the various modes of internet access provides. If there is a law which is concrete to all modes of connectivity, it should be 'The amount of security a connectivity mode provides is directly proportional to the physicality of the connectivity mode'. Going by that law, normal Ethernet cable wires and fiber net are more secure than the most-used connectivity mode this decade the wireless network. Despite what the name suggests, the legality of the application WiFi password hacker is unquestioned as it abides by all terms and conditions of software production. The application doesn't use any unethical means to work the way it is designed to. To put food to your brain, once you run the application as an administrator, the application has an inbuilt algorithm labelled as the WiFi password finder on the backend coding level which will scan all the networks within the specified range of your router. Once it scans all the devices, before the application can reveal the password of the neighbor devices it goes through a process which will send a request to the corresponding internet service Copyrights provider if the plan that router is subscribed to is an unmetered bandwidth plan and if the speed is not utilized to the optimum by the rightful owners. Ethical WiFi Hacker is here: Ideally, the application will check for the trueness of condition one i.e. unmetered bandwidth. Most routers turn 'TRUE' for this condition because most people prefer to have an unmetered bandwidth plan taking into consideration the entertainment internet offers and the occupancy of the same. A report suggests that only 20% of the users reach optimum usage and less than 4% of the users reach maximum usage. Formulating everything, there is a 97% chance that this application will work for you. This application is designed with the consensus of telecommunication industry across all parts of the world aiming towards a noble cause of reducing data wastage. Speculations were there around the creative team as to why shouldn't this application be named as the WiFi Unlocker considering people would think of this application as illegal if it is named as WiFi hacker. Surveys were conducted in 5 of the developed countries in the world as to what this application should be named. A solid 74% wanted the name to be 'The WiFi hacker'. And here we are presenting the application.



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