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Digital Multifunctional System 3-in-1 Performance The AR-6023N/6020N accommodates A3 paper and packs three business-essential functions—copy, print, and colour scan—in one sturdy unit. Network-Ready Standard-equipped with network printing and network TWAIN function, the AR-6023N/6020N comes ready for use as part of a small workgroup. Expandability Designed for easy expansion, the AR-6023N/6020N is both hardware- and software-upgradeable and can be used with popular mobile devices. Its PDL can also be upgraded. 23 PPM 20 PPM Versatile and Network-Ready with All the Convenience of Duplexing 100 MX-CS12 500-Sheet Paper Tray MX-CS13* 500-Sheet Paper Tray MX-CS12 500-Sheet Paper Tray AR-DS19 Stand (large) AR-DS20 Stand (small) MX-VR12 Document Cover 500 500 500 250 AR-RP11 100-Sheet Reversing Single Pass Feeder 1 2 3 5 6 4 Distributed by: ©SHARP CORPORATION (APR. 2015) User-Friendly Control Panel With its large, clear LCD, the logically designed control panel makes it easy for users to understand and access MFP settings and functions and brings total ease of use. The control panel also features buttons that provide quick access to frequently used functions. And two LED lamps—one red and the other green—light up to notify users of machine status. Built-In Duplex Module and Optional RSPF The AR-6023N/6020N can make two-sided copies and printouts using its built-in duplex module. Adding the optional 100-sheet RSPF (reversing single pass feeder) brings even greater copy/scan efficiency. A Variety of Copy Functions The AR-6023N/6020N comes standard with functions that make copying more convenient: ID Card Copy (for easy copying of both sides of a card onto a single page), Rotation Sort, Margin Shift, Edge/Centre Erase, 2-in-1, 4-in-1, and more. Convenient A3 Colour Scanning The AR-6023N/6020N works as a full-colour A3 scanner to facilitate document management. Its Scan to USB function enables direct scanning to a USB memory device, and its network TWAIN function allows remote scanning from networked PCs. And with the optional Sharpdesk software, scanned documents and PC-created files can be efficiently managed on a PC. Large Paper Capacity While the AR-6023N/6020N comes standard with a 250-sheet paper tray and a 100-sheet multi-bypass tray, it can also accommodate extra 500-sheet paper trays for a total paper capacity of 1,850 sheets. Sharpdesk Mobile* Sharpdesk Mobile is a mobile print/scan application. With Sharpdesk Mobile, users can import documents scanned on the AR-6023N/6020N to their mobile devices for previewing and saving. And files on a mobile device can be printed out on the MFP, sent as e-mail attachments, or used in other applications. * Available at a later date. Availability varies by country/region. For details, see Sharpdesk Mobile support website: AR-6023N/6020N must be connected to commercially available wireless LAN router, and to print, have optional AR-PB10 installed. To print PDF files, optional MX-PK10 must also be installed. 1 3 2 4 5 6 • Auto paper/magnification selection • PDL is upgradeable to PCL 6 and PostScript® 3™ emulation • Auto tray switching Other Key Features Digital Multifunctional System SYSTEM CONFIGURATION *3rd paper tray must be MX-CS13. AR-PB10 Printer Expansion Kit MX-PK10 PS Expansion Kit MX-EB14 128MB Expansion Memory Board MX-USX1/X5 Sharpdesk 1/5-License Kit MX-US10/50/A0 Sharpdesk 10/50/100-License Kit Specifications (tentative) *1: A4 size (8 1/2" x 11"), long-edge feeding. *2: Short-edge feeding only. *3: At rated voltage, 23°C (73.4°F). May vary depending on operating conditions and environment. *4: Including document cover. *5: Long-edge feeding of A4 (8 1/2" x 11") sheets from 1st paper tray. May vary depending on operating conditions and environment. *6: Fixed copy ratios of 25% and 400% cannot be used with RSPF. *7: Shared with Scan to USB and PCL/PostScript printing. *8: PCL requires optional AR-PB10. PostScript 3 requires optional AR-PB10 and MX-PK10. *9: Windows Server® requires optional AR-PB10. Mac OS requires optional AR-PB10 and MX-PK10. *10: Colour only. • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. • PCL is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company. PostScript 3 is either a registered trademark or trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the US and/or other countries. Windows, Windows Server, and Windows Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and/or other countries. Mac OS is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. All other brand names and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. • The ENERGY STAR logo is a certification mark and may only be used to certify products that have been determined to meet the ENERGY STAR programme requirements. ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The ENERGY STAR guidelines apply to products only in the US, the EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. AR-6023N AR-6020N GENERAL Type Desktop Engine speed (max.)*1 23 ppm 20 ppm Paper size Max. A3 (11" x 17"), min. A6*2 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") Paper capacity Std.: 350 sheets Max.: 1,850 sheets Warm-up time*3 25 seconds Memory Std.: 64MB Max.: 192MB Power requirements Rated local AC voltage ±10%, 50/60 Hz Power consumption Max. 1.2 kW Dimensions (W x D x H)*4 599 x 612 x 511 mm (23 19/32" x 24 7/64" x 20 1/8") Weight (approx.)*4 29 kg (64.0 lbs) COPIER Original size Max. A3 (11" x 17") First copy time*5 6.4 seconds for A4 (6.5 seconds for 8 1/2" x 11") Continuous copy Max. 999 copies Resolution 600 x 600 dpi Gradation 256 levels Zoom range 25% to 400% in 1% increments (50% to 200% using RSPF) Fixed copy ratios*6 Metric: 25, 50, 70, 81, 86, 100, 115, 122, 141, 200, 400% Inch: 25, 50, 64, 77, 95, 100, 121, 129, 141, 200, 400% NETWORK PRINTER Memory 256MB (shared memory)*7 Resolution 600 x 600 dpi Interface USB 2.0, 10Base-T/100Base-TX Network protocols TCP/IP PDL Standard: SPLC (Sharp Printer Language with Compression) Option*8: PCL 6 emulation, PostScript® 3™ emulation Supported OS*9 Windows Server® 2003, Windows Server® 2003 R2, Windows Server® 2008, Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server® 2012 R2, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6. 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 COLOUR SCANNER Resolution Pull scan (via TWAIN compliant application): 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi; 50 to 9,600 dpi via user setting USB memory scan: 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi File formats TIFF, PDF, JPEG*10 Protocols TWAIN Scanner utility Sharpdesk (optional)

Digital Multifunctional System

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Publishing documents on is a proven way to start demand generation for your products and services. Thousands of professionals and businesses publish marketing, sales, operations, customer service and financial documents making it easier for prospects and customers to find content, helping them to make informed decisions.

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