Best Classic Games of Wii

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Best Classic Games of Wii Nintendo made some of the best classic games, but give these a try and see why Nintendo can still work: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess This is Zelda's first complete outing since The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker won the 2003 Gamespot Game of the Year. Play the game as Link, defend Hyrule and save Princess, Zelda. In this version, you will be fighting the shadow as it slowly corrupts the land of Hyrule. By fighting the bad guys, finding dungeons, acquiring heart containers and getting weapons, you help revive the land. Gunstar Heroes First released in 1993, this quirky game is well-loved for its exciting running and shooting action and its non-stop intense gameplay. You'll also like the game's manga-style look and the guns that could be mixed and matched to create your very own custom-designed shooter. Choose from a flamethrower, a homing shot, a machine gun and a laser. But no matter how big your gun gets, your enemies either multiply or get bigger themselves, so you never run out of challenges. If you enjoyed the arcade games of the past like Street Fighter II and Contra, you'll like this game even better. The levels, thankfully enough, are brief so you're not stuck with long-winding stages of mindless gunplay. Two players can also play simultaneously. Trauma Center: Second Opinion If you've played the Trauma Center before, you've probably met Dr. Derek Stiles, who just completed his residency. The story progresses through text dialogue and still images, but it's interesting enough with the incorporation of some serious material, like euthanasia to suicidal patients. As Dr. Derek Stiles, you are gifted with the Healing Touch. In the world you will inhabit, forces that point to bioterrorism are threatening the world with an epidemic. You will be performing surgery on patients, although it's not as gory as you might think. You get to use a multiple array of surgical tools through the analog stick of the Wii's nunchuk attachment. And it's not just about surgery. You do have to mind your patient's health ?if his heart stops, you have to do something. This game isn't easy so you'll be challenged throughout. Rayman Raving Rabbids This is one of those rare games where the villains are cuter than the hero, Rayman. The games are silly but entertaining ?they'll even let you play whack-the-rabbid inside the bathroom stalls or use the nunchuk and the remote like drum sticks as the bunnies dance on a stage. With about 70 minigames, you can chase away boredom easily, although for some jaded players, this tends to use the same formula in some levels. A great game – Star Wars, is available for free, for more information, visit

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