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A Comprehensive Guide On Plant And Equipment Valuation Mitchell Munn Valuations www.mitchel lmunn.com.au / 03 9864 6501 / nicholasmunn@mitchel lmunn.com.au Mitchell Munn Valuations 02 Professional equipment valuation and advice is used for varied valuation purposes including: In today's shifting markets, accurate plant and machinery valuations are critical as they form the basis of successfully sales and acquisition strategies and most importantly, return on investment. In order to make an informed decision, it is important to have access to accurate data along with professional and independent advice. Usually, plant and equipment valuation is closely associated with the manufacturing companies. Merger and acquisition Joint venture transactions Impairment testing Insurance, taxation and disposal Leasing and financing Purchase Price Allocation www.mitchellmunn.com.au Mitchell Munn Valuations 03 From a single machine to the entire contents of hundreds of manufacturing facilities, equipment valuations are performed for a wide range of the plant and machinery of the different industries, including: Aircraft and airport Chemical industry Electronic and electrical industry Energy and water industry Food and beverage industry Inventories www.mitchellmunn.com.au Marine vessels and container port Mines and quarries Petroleum industry Pharmaceutical industry Public utilities Textile industry Mitchell Munn Valuations 04 www.mitchellmunn.com.au MitchellMunn Valuations has a proven track record in plant and equipment valuations and have experience in handling complex equipment valuations for clients in both the public and private sectors. We have a team of experienced registered valuers and chartered engineers on board who have profound knowledge and expertise in different sectors. This enables us to deliver our plant and equipment valuation service across the wide spectrum of sectors. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with independent and robust advice in equipment valuation for businesses of all types and sizes, from a sole operator to a global operation. Simplicity, transparency and immediacy are at the core of our business. undefined

Plant and equipment valuation is highly complex in nature. Read to know everything about the equipment valuation services, the industries and to different types of machinery and everything in between. For more info visit https://www.mitchellmunn.com.au

About Mitchell Munn Valuations

MitchellMunn Valuations are the leading independent machinery valuation specialists providing fixed asset valuations and advisory services. With more than 35 years in the industry, we have built an enviable reputation as the most trustworthy plant and equipment valuers dedicated to providing independent, professional, accurate and accountable valuation advice.

Simplicity, transparency and immediacy are the core fundamentals of our business. Over the period of time, we have developed leading skills and methodologies in determining the fixed asset value and fixed asset register data solutions.

From a sole operator to a global firm, we cater to businesses of all types and size. Our plant and machinery valuers are dedicated to providing tailored valuation solutions delivered on-time and in a cost-effective manner.

Our Services
    Insurance valuation
    Machinery valuation
    Plant valuation
    Asset valuation services
    Plant and equipment valuation
    Plant and machinery valuation
    Equipment valuation
    PPE valuation
    Asset verification
    Fixed asset register reconciliation
    Machinery appraisal

Why Choose Us?
    Technical expertise and knowledge
    Highly-qualified team
    Accurate and defendable valuation
    All valuations comply with the local and international valuation standards

To learn more about our services or for any query, feel free to get in touch with us today!


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