Shine For Dogs

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SHINE FOR DOGS At Tech Tails, we understand that walking your dog during the dark hours can be a frightening experience. One of the founders of Tech Tails was hospitalized after he was hit by a bike while on a walk with his beautiful Beagle. Luckily he pulled his pup to safety. The problem may have been prevented if he had something to get the motorists attention. Each year 10,000 pedestrians are hit by cars in Australia. That's one person every 5 minutes. What an alarming fact! We made the decision to develop a line of LED dog collars and LED dog leads that would enhance visibility and allow drivers to see pedestrians and dogs. Like almost every good idea, we googled it and found that the collar already existed. We searched the market and found a couple of companies that made LED collars and LED dog leads, but they didn't seem to take into consideration what pup owners wanted. The collars on the market seemed low quality and not well built. We decided to ask pet owners what they liked or disliked about LED dog lights and found there was a big opportunity to create a brand around the recommendations from dog owners. We opened a kiosk, surveyed customers on the web, attended trade shows, spoke with retailers and launched a crowd-funding campaign to gather as much feedback as possible. We gathered thousands of ideas and included the most common components people wanted. We plan to conduct this same extensive research for each and every new product that Tech Tails launches. People wanted a cool design that appealed visually. Lots of people wanted to include reflective stitching combined with LED components to increase visibility. Aussies wanted the lights to remain in place when the leash was hooked up. We asked about colours. We inquired about weight. We asked them about the battery system. We asked about the fabric. We asked about every single possible element of the collars and leads so we could design a product that a lot of people wanted. It was simple, ask people what they want and make the product around their suggestions. Since no one else was willing to put effort into creating a collar and leash that dog lovers demanded, Tech Tails was born. Please reach out to us on our "get in touch" page with any tips or comments. We want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us through our Facebook and Instagram page. We rely on feedback from pet owners and we wish to design products that aid pup owners all over the world.

Each year more than 2,000 pets are hit by cars in Australia. That’s why Tech Tails developed a line of LED dog collars that allow drivers to see your pet at night.



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