Engineered quartz for the best kitchen countertops

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ENGINEERED QUARTZ For the best kitchen countertops Engineered quartz has natural quartz as a major component which is abundantly available in the nature. So, it is easy and convenient to manufacture engineered quartz at anywhere in the world. However, its quality and cost are different as per different regions. CAN BE MANUFACTURED ANYWHERE The waste of natural stones is recycled from which the engineered quartz is made and hence, it is an eco- friendly material. Unlike other tiles, its manufacturing process also requires less energy which is again good for the environment. ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL Engineered quartz is a material that doesn't need any special treatment to make it anti-microbial. It already has some unique properties that reduces the growth of microbes. And it is one of many reasons to choose it for the kitchen countertops. REDUCES THE GROWTH OF MICROBES Natural marbles and quartz are not easy to join from edges and corners. But as far as engineered quartz is concerned, it can be easily connected from edges and corners which make its customization easy and convenient. EASY TO CUSTOMIZE To explore AGL's engineered quartz range, Visit

Engineered quartz have some properties that make it one of the best materials to be used for engineered quartz. AGL includes complete details on quartz tiles in this doc. To browse online visit at

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