Techcelerate Reunion on 23rd Nov 2017 - The Second Coming

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2013 2011 2017 2013 2007 2006 Programme: 17:30 - Registration, networking, food and drinks 18:30 - Welcome by Manoj Ranaweera, Sam Sethi, Michael Jayson & Stewart Townsend 18:45 - Panel 1: Exits & Investments - Paul Rawlings, Damian Hanson, Malcolm Evans & Donald McIntosh 19:30 - Second coming of Techcelerate - Manoj Ranaweera 19:45 - Panel 2 - Growth Challenges - John Ridd, Andrew Threlfall, Rhys Jones & Tony Bray 20:30 - Networking 21:00 - Refuge by Volta (old Palace Hotel) Two sided Problem (startup level) Founders struggle to find investors who could provide both capital and know-how Investors struggle to find worthy companies for investment Lack of investment leads to premature death. Investment readiness is an afterthought. Support is very much needed to ensure investment is raised at the right time from right type of investors. Bootstrapping rarely works in the modern world 4 Techcelerate Score (Card) Defensibility. Ability to excecute rapidly Idea/Concept Light or deep. House of cards or well thought out architecture for rapid scalability Technology Previous experience. Ability to execute. Gaps Team User/customer adoption to date. Metrics Traction Existing or new market. Defensibility and uniqueness. Positioning Capital spent and what it would take for market dominance. Capital adequacy Two sided Problem (Growth level) Founders and early investors struggle to find acceptable exits. Growth companies need acquisitions to meet their growth aspirations. Instead of 10x in 7 years, lower returns in shorter time could result in better usage of capital. Investor Portfolio audit services exploring exits Leveraging existing networks SF/SV MCR SL IN SF/SV: SBWeb/SaaS MCR: Built the ecosystem IN: India Manchester Partnership SL: Ecosystem development LDN FGST Services Representing tech entrepreneurs 9 Investment Readiness Investment Founder Exists M&A Portfolio Audits Getting your company investment readiness Securing the investment needed Helping founders find exits Helping growth companies find acquisitions Auditing portfolios to explore exists & growth opportunities

Slides used on 27th Nov 2017 celebrating founding of Techcelerate (then called Northern Startup 2.0) 11 years ago. 

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