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2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 1 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 2 Re: Stealth Tools abuse and Mass Slaughters as a result of out of control, Secret(s) Law in both USA & Canada- Robo Cop ‘themed’ massacres by USA & Ottawa government’s secret kills by secret tools used on their own people, like when they used Agent Orange on their own in the States. Ottawa is complicit by their secrecy if nothing else! They call it their rights to have secrets in Parliament. Brought in their Secrets Law. Like the Judge in the USA reporting to the public about Obama’s Secret Law. The upper creepies are running a Matrix like world parallel to ours. They are not only taking it all they are screwing us all! Literally. They run neuroscience tools and other classic brainwashing methods. In the States they call it MIND CONTROL. Up here? Who? What? Cover up and then some. Mass ‘out of the office’ emails if you try to get to them about any of it. We watched the modern remastered version of Robo Cop the old classic at night and the next day there was a mass stabbings slaughter in a warehouse in the Edmonton news. Then months later after I put up the page for the OBL shooter Rob O’Neill as Robo Neill they had the day after it again in Edmonton, another mass slaughter this time a shooting. What’s next? Or, is that who’s next? And, are the happy friendly media telling the people? Hell no. They get mad if any tip at all leaks out. Punishments and Exile for Snowden and his ilk. Oh, wait, that’s me! 2 RAT PI is the current rat paper, there are more. I have them closed for now. Authorities got the goods and photos a long, long time ago on it. When are the people going to be told? If the Authorities get their wishes it’s obviously going to be NEVER! Right now the kids are on the enemy gitmo releases chat line. Scroll to page 12 here for the goods on what they have up for potential St. Valentine‘s Day Massacre 2015. It’s very real, with photos and everything! All you have to do is be able to see and you can see what they are doing! That said, maybe some new young blood not dirty old corruption might end it. Both, in the USA and up here in Canada. We need new Government that is not happy to sell us out for overseas payola and keeping lids on things that need to be told to us to keep us all safe happy and well. We have no such thing at present they do NASA outreach with muslim Dictators like Al Morsi from the NASA Shuttle program and the PM of Mali, also from the NASA Shuttle program, who was arrested for letting in too many al Qaeda just a week before the French went into Mali to clean house and fight with al Qaeda. Canada giving them a flight assist with equipment. What that’s all? And then the Marlboro man, went from fighting in Mali up to Algeria and took hostages. Finding radical Islamicists in with the dead Terrorists; youth from London, Ontario. Trudeau cleaned house he fired over 30+ of his cabinet. Asked where is the HONESTY nowadays. Told Harper if he was smart he would do the same. No such thing happened. But Trudeau would likely clean it up considerably just because of a thing called scruples. Right now? The media would die before they would inform the rest of the people. The ones you trust the most are in fact the least trustworthy of all time. Skull 13 coming up…. Thank goodness we have regular people and we outnumber these overpaid corrupt fat cats a kerzillion to one. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 3 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 4 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 5 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 6 See the concentric circles behind him? It’s ZARQAWIS MAP …. Right behind the comic of Al Baghdadi. The ‘chain’ would be like the chain Zawahiri used for his Benghazi kill background. And they had on the female in the window at the Aussie choco café … and Bin had on his bolster end the silver 8 (note: I had Said (aka Sayeed and Saeed) Shihiri as Al Q #2, Yemen right off …. The brothers were Said and Cherif KOUACHI, trained in Yemen and links to Anwar Awlaki of DC and Zarqawi of Iraq. - also had printers that they were in at newsprint and press and printers.) French flag with round circle stars …. FLAGS and MAPS including Google Earth online are what is up right now… Note jan 12 Cent Com hit with cyber terror attack twitter and you tube giving out info addresses and maps … Also Stargate Recon hit with ‘tub running over’ and kitty coming out to let me know! Check out the day’s papers fronts- Now check out the next 2 pages here with what I had up the day before on the Cdn terrorist attack, one of them with middle name Carleton like Carlton Hotels… (they found the French ‘black widow’ had been at a hotel before they have her at the ticket counter with the white head cover - still not sure it’s her, but they think it might be. Me I think it might be a ruse a ‘wild goose chase’ id and cell phone, with the cell phone up at the hyatt site and her name Hayat and a last ping at the border to Syria. However they had ID just happened to fall that gave away the Kouchi’s so it’s easy part of an arrangement. Anything happens that one of them makes it they get to go wherever and you go to the ‘last ping’ …like that. Wild goose chase. Jan 12 papers with the white squares I had up for a background on the Cdn terror arrest;coalition strikes with names like ‘ha sucker’ and ‘…(give) ‘er (the) bill …the tub running over now their joke but it hit the people in the building and the landlord. Given these people are in at the stealth tools and not only injuring and abusing but killing I got off easy … 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 7 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 8 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 9 Jan 17/2015 DEEP OPS RAT - [by psychic known as 1st 5th ; ESP trained extensively by Military & Security] UPDATE ON THE WHITE SQUARES : They are running sleep deprivation on me since Charlie Hebdo; enemy infiltration. Last night they kept me up the entire night. Last night while filming video copy of a terror information piece on cable news about radical Islamic training camps being set up in the States, I noted that the white squares they are running here locally the past few days here locally, not just on the cover of that newspaper, but also huge on three different close to each other electronic billboards, more ‘white squares’. The enemy faction in accessing this ops at times lately, usually after sensitive information is being worked for intel, deleted my photos of them, from the SD card; I went back for more copy and this time left the card inert. I had figured out, as I was saying, that the white squares are also on the camera as you film it is a function designed to track the face of the subject as you video tape. There was a shooting in the States just a couple of days ago with the blue tooth camera on the Police Officer, showing the shooter up close and in his face, shooting the cop 4 times in the head/face. Another 2 for shot 6 times in total, and killed him. Note: I am Pentagon ‘silent talk’ user to battlefield linked communications. They said to me ‘finished off’ when I typed in killed. Did you think finished off was important, somehow? Or is that your idea of being nasty? Not sure these days! We have a short video on my site showing me doing an actual psychic painting on Dec 24, 2015. This particular remote view paint shows the NYPD getting new Blue Tooth cameras. The video camera is doing the white square outlines on the ‘face’ and they shot an officer in the face after the page was up on my site. No point in hiding, we are enemy infiltrated here for some years now. They flaunt with my things at scenes, and taunt to the Police, regularly. One example at Charlie Hebdo was their back up shooter holding hostages in a place next to or in, the sign HYPER CACHER. I work Hypershift Visuals here. At the Australian chocolate café Terrorist hostage taking they had a female dressed in full and somewhat unusual fashion print of rows and rows of silver circles. Just like the hardware store silver washers we are working here for neck protection against the blades the Koran instruction has them following to cut off heads and use knives and other blades to strike and injure usually killing their victims, the radical Islamists are doing lately. Etc. Those are just a couple of examples. They can and do flaunt using material they saw from my pc desktop. Too often for comfort. Bin Laden and the current head of al Qaeda in Pakistan Dr Ayman Zawahiri like to often repeat their instructions on their methodology ’what you do we will do back at you’. Also, one of the killers stated revenge motives was over Anwar Awlaki the DC and Pentagon enemy infiltrator killed by drone strike in Yemen, and he was killed at the same time as the originator of their online Muslim Terror magazine, called INSPIRE. Same strike. And the Charlie Hebdo slaughter in France with Jihadist-cop-killers (their term) had direct links to the same INSPIRE magazine, with a death list that included Hebdo. Etc. Again, these are samples this is a huge ongoing enemy attack not isolated lone wolf, just sending individual and small teams to hit our side in their greater ongoing extremely well organized World War III. Eventually it will not be possible to cover that ‘fact’ up. (He mentioned Clinton) Clinton is not the solution not even getting in. that’s a smoke screen to canucks not following it along. Not one single place that she recently stumped at for the last vote in Nov. 2014, actually got voted in. Not one! And she was at quite a few. This is not a political event we are working here. The Islamic War is now, and not up for discussion other than to try to see what and where they are planning to hit our side. Right now it’s an ongoing condition that the enemy are using secret ops Stealth tools (intended for communication) as weapons and another ‘agent orange’ on our own people in North America. The border is just an amusing line for them to keep news up and some news buried and down. It’s not any issue to the enemy to hit on either side. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 10 Old page from a former Jay Leno and others protest across from the Beverly Hills hotel. Note: On the current list of what to watch for terror attacks is 1. Hotels. Update: The Charlie Hebdo ‘black widow’ Hayat stayed at a hotel before going to the Syrian border on Jan 8. The RV Precog paint of Jan 7 shows someone flying. That would fit for timeline. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 11 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 12 Al Marri freed from Gitmo 2 years early Jan 21 2015; noticeable heart shape under his beard; earlier remote view heart shape Dec 2, 2014 (same time as hammer attacks in the States; hammer in rv) 9 dead Dec 31 mass murder/suicide (see first few pages of this ‘2 Rat PI); one of the victims was called Valentine. This ‘heart’ was from an earlier rv, the most it would be is enemy infiltration in using the paints for their bogus ‘inspire’ back at us …. There are other reasons for the enemy faction and in at the stealth tools using them as weapons against our side. Back a few years when the troops were first in Iraq after Saddam was taken out, they were using a theme of a deck of cards with the enemy faces and titles on them to aid in our side remembering who was a high value target. Previous enemy activities with regards to hearts include- 1. Aurora, Colorado attack on premier showing of movie ‘Dark Knight Rises starring Christian Bales’ by neuroscience student James Holmes, NICKNAMED: JOKER (tips prior to attack, precog the evening before, included: ‘Dark Knight’, Casino Joker playing card, Aurora (borealis, photo). 2. Burgas, Bulgaria attack by bomber with phoney American ID, blew up a bus with Israeli tourists on it. The bomber was living in a Casino/motel. I had for precog tips, these and more, the bus station beam of light into the cross pattern on the floor, signalled by Assad using a lamp and a beam of light, the day before the hit. Both of the above were signal triggered by Bashar Assad of Syria the night before they happened, and caught by 1st 5th. However, like fingerprints, you have to have the crime and scene defined before they are of any value and also like fingerprints the precogs are correct but there is room for human error in decoding the paints and/or script. Some of it is built in with the Quantum Leap as like the stick figure emotes, they are descriptives and have to be correctly understood to be of value. The esp paints are accurate. We just have to get to the message in the light packets as it is presented. We work our dots here to the security dots there at the scene, and even then we have the full range from duh what? To a full clear precision view. Like a window for extra tips but not always clear to see out of. Very much like early television which had the knobs you had to turn to tune in clearer reception and the rabbit ears on top for antennae also being used to get the best picture. A lot more tweaking than the current digital! And back when Gen. Petraeus did the Surge in Iraq, successfully, the US troops were working on ‘winning hearts and minds’.. ie: handing out bottled water. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 13 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 14 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 15 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 16 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 17 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 18 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 19 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 20 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 21 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 22 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 23 Update: Hakeemullah was killed in 2014. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 24 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 25 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 26 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 27 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 28 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 29 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 30 Nothing better to do than rat them o is going to India then Arabia and they will be hammering on me over it …. By the way it was the remote view painting that showed the Hammers attack that killed people in the States that had the ‘heart’ on it that the enemy seemed to be using when they targeted the mass site Edmonton massacre post Xmas with the little girl called Valentine. They also had a Professor go to a Protest in the States with a bag of hammers after! He broke a cop’s nose etc. before they arrested him. A bag of hammers…. After I was working on the chain mail to block all their Koran instructed knife attacks and with the run of Gitmo orange prisoners being beheaded by ISIS executioners. And they run at and murder cops and others, church crowds etc and in France also, using cars as murder weapons. Stealth tools enabling them to get ‘crime-tools victims’ to do their murder for them. I had the tip about the Printers and the France killers were finally cornered and destroyed in a Printers industry. The enemy infiltrator Anwar Awlaki of DC, (killed by drone strike already) was killed with the Inspire magazine guy. The same Inspire magazine that had published the list to kill the Charlie Hebdo guys. That same strike that killed Anwar Awlaki also mentioned as a motive for their particular revenge along with Zarqawi, they thought they hit the PETN bomber but it was the magazine guy with Awlaki. The PETN bomber built the bombs for the Xmas day bomber (links behind the scene to Edmonton) and also the UPS package bombs. Bombs they had inside PRINTERS. Yes, regular computer printers. So, news papers, printers, columns ….see how they run ‘themes’ for their killing sprees? Makes ‘em all United. Now, I had worked the UPS bombs and had them for ‘scars’ and Arabia/Iraq border area on Sunday and on Monday morning received in my mail two books. Called ‘Here and Now’ they have brass knuckles on the fists and scars on the back cover. They were put in with an order instead of the ones I had actually ordered. This was following the statement by pres o. that if he didn’t win the house (votes in Nov 2012 I think it was) then he was going to do ‘2 years of hand to hand combat’. Then I get the books, and the authorities have less than a half hour to defuse bombs that would have taken out an airliner over the ocean. Just like in the movies huh. I had them for scar and it was on the books …undeniable. Etc it’s mostly the etc that I am leaving out here that we follow for tips as we work this ops. But you get the gist of it with what I am giving you here. With photos! Obama and Harper went the next day after they lost the vote in the States, to India and armed them up like they never were before! They gave them things that they had not been allowed and things that ‘may or may not be used as weapons’. Unreal. Additional: -Chalk la la (Google Earth map of Pakistan) prior to the Protests people laying down in the malls and on the streets waving legs around like mindless fools after ISIS said they would be beheading in the streets! I was just waiting for the fools to ‘use the curbs as headrests’ …the enemy behead using the curbs for the heads to rest on! -Vicker in Iraq - ISIS chopped up 4 children for not swearing for Mohammed. After Parliament run in. -Black frames on heart/gitmo release al Marrie, match to the Iraq playing cards black sq around face 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 31 -Mera France killer, kids, rabbi, parachute jumpers after Bales, red white trigger signal and he was a jail break guy Afghan. down the road from a NATO/Cdn base. There was a red rag on a white fan where the hole was in the floor they escaped from … a tunnel entrance or exit ….he said he was doing it because ‘al Qaeda don’t kill children’ and then he ran and killed kids. Like boko haram they do that too tell the papers ‘ Al Qaeda don’t kill children’ then they slaughter them for months after; steady one school after another …burning them as they slept and slaughtering them running out in flames. After O took over control of the congress’ tools for weapons, they had Muslim Brotherhood announce on cable news that they would give the USA five years then start to cut off hands. They do that overseas for thousands of years, Muslim tradition. (If you see the movie ‘Hidalgo’ it mentions that fact). Well five years later, and sure enough there is Rouhani of Iran who replaced Ahmadinejad, standing there with ‘look ma, no hands’ for chat. Soon after, in Philadelphia they found an emir trying to cut off an offenders hands. NEXT? Or is it NEST. Ugly prick eh, the head banging mark of the beast on their foreheads distinguishes them as pious, they pray towards Mecca 5 times every day, the religious Muslims all of them. Head down ass up, no women allowed. Just men all the time and everywhere in the streets. Men and head banging religious. Who are going to cut off hands. They stopped but the Dictate is still there just sleeping …waiting….setting up ….. In our consumer happy lands with stores galore they will be cutting off the hands of juniors, children who shop lift for thrills when they are kids and usually stop, not really being criminally minded. But they will be coming home without hands if you keep just letting Mohammed hoodwink you and set up their filth over here. The USA is allowing them in Camps, Terrorist Training Camps. No one stopping them …border issues huh Canada. Apparently what they call Up State New York is full of them. No wonder Quebec was going to write into their Charter Rights ‘no religious head covering’. Keeps Satan’s minions down to a dull roar. *** Edm murder investigation Tues. May 1, 2012 (anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death) 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 32 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 33 I will keep adding to this in spurts keep checking back for more of what the media will NEVER reveal to you! MORE TO GO UP LATER includes: -hammers & heart/heart ramp tool abuse -Ayatollah Iran doing wee flutter over heart -Gitmo release a couple of months ago with one 'loose=dirty hair' guy -Aussie Lindt café hit with bomb squad & rv; school bus blown up next day in Yemen (it was precog on the day before remote view) - etc Er…maybe not …see ya! Ok back feb 13 2015 after attack on FOB in Iraq/usa and coalition …suicide bombers detonated, 20 fought 8 killed by Iraqis military training base. See tips sheets next pages…. “Celtic skeleton FOB watch plain”; Jordan swap/executed suicide bomber vest strings Ahmadinejad (replaced by Rouhani, Iran); Cdn terrorist wanted (RCMP list) Cdn terror arrest Chiheb Esseghaier *** GREEN PLANT/hidden spy faces=imposters, insiders - Attack at Base (FOB) used Iraqi Uniforms; & suicide bombers detonated (strings); & skeleton visual chat (BW). 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 34 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 35 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 36 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 37 HALIFAX St Valentine’s Day Massacre averted by public tip - RCMP tin (recently bought, pre Halifax planned attack day); note the crosses like the cross on the building front at the Halifax Shopping Center (there was a list of places to watch out for terror attacks, and after Hotels was Shopping Centers) RCMP tin with ‘Halifax & England’ on the side There was also inside the mall, a strip of green reflected windows like a movie film strip; at the same time they hit the Copenhagen Café targeting the comedian who had drawn Mohammed as a dog in 2007 and killed a documentary film maker who was with the comedian that day in the café at a free speech event. NK was just recently in cyber hitting SONY movie studios for one … over a movie called ‘THE INTERVIEW’. COPENHAGEN Café Comedian targeted by ISIS/Al Qaeda hit list; note the CHOCOLATE brown circle poster like at the Aussie Café terrorist hit by ISIS recently- 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 38 Pakistan Muslim League, Paki PM Sheriff and new Saudi Royal; St Louis arch/white triangle background top of building; Ingo Swann early Stargate training rv 2006, St Louis arch (below) St Louis arch bottom row, centered. Are they serious? What’s with the framed white square….that and is that their idea of chocolate boxes? And, more importantly do any of us really know? And the next run, on the next page, is Ferguson, MO (near St. Louis) where they just had two cops shot at, one at the bridge of his nose and the other at his heart, both ‘misses’ and from nearby. Maybe the guy was drinking, they said he was seen at other Protests too. He has the like the mask/face moustache thin pencil line type and small triangular beard. Goes with the ‘signal orange/mask up’ I had tagged as odd already anyway. And they had another Cdn ‘fatwa against IS’ with a bright green stripe on the wall and wow, look, also new bright green caps dancing around in front of the cameras at the same Ferguson run of Protests, that had the cops shot at! And they had fired or resigned a batch of local Authorities, like taking their ‘salaries=celery stalks’… Given that they did NOT have this going on before the timing gives it credence. Along with a lot of other chat and signals and monkey jungle we see them doing as flaunt and taunt. Lately that MI:8 etc are leaning towards daunting not just taunting… in terms of security ops being secure. Etc Etc this is mostly behind the scenes …this is just a wee, rare glimpse. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 39 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 40 That’s just proof that I corresponded with them; they use this whenever they want to … or MI: 6 which ever one it is they have both …for all I know they both use this when they want to. I know Scotland yard and the Metro Police use it …and MI follow Al Q and I was on Zawahiri after Bin …and Morsi and Egypt are ‘al Q’ related etc …. it’s Counterterrorism. Oh the airports too eh … I was on about lax yesterday …they had some ‘nut’ on about Jihad and storming the cockpit last night, Washington to Denver … not sure, re-lax might have been me picking up on it … maybe instructions to him eh…. And the airport (the ‘other’ one is because of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in Quantum Mechanics terms) It was an airport but not the one I had but the one I had mentioned had terms that were relevant so far as they went for descriptives and impressions…tip value given the usual security focus. He said gaggers for pot no the gags and taped mouths came in on (yeah gag orders) HOSTAGES we had them for it and no they are not pretending there is IS at work now at these things … too. Organized to the hilt and showing now same thing, glimpses that we get out in public I picked up on ‘he has a moustache’ ;she was odd with the mask on but Off the face=no mask just face Ferguson mask rv; narrow moustache & triangle beard. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 41 Cdn Fatwa anti IS; green/stripe Ferguson MO protests, 2 cops shot at (missed heart & nose); green wall at 2 Church hits same time frame. Pointedly looks at watch; day before 2 cops shot at, Ferguson protests, at Midnight (both hands up, is 12 midnight); Brits security already have a warning for security ops to watch for Big Ben hits/signals. Slipaway II - Boston Marathon bomber suspect hid in, currently in trial. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 42 There is also local current graffiti doing ‘Ruger Run’ and near someone I know, and they had this video of the same Dzhokhar Boston bomber, running and with a Ruger from a friend he used to kill a cop at MIT (I had a prior warning that morning out to watch them at MIT connected to the bombing.) So, it’s likely more enemy flaunt alright…this particular one is in an alley that had a murder/shooting and an orange circle on a door nearby. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 43 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 44 Mar 21/2015 Abubaka leader of Boko Haram WHITE DOT on nose; Gitmo ‘forever’ prisoner released by Obama Mar 21, 2015 announcement, note WHITE DOT on mouth - and, Boko Haram recently swore public allegiance to IS Islamic State. - note, that in the 9 full years of working counterterrorism, taking many photos working this ops this white dot they are using now is NOT normal. - also note, that Abubaka’s name is virtually the same as the new IS Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Mar 22/2015 WEM big pyramid little top pyramid; the Iranian Ayatoldya with big & little triangle-pyramid chat. And (below) from Mar 21 rv there is a kalash ‘rv-tag for attack’ we are using for the WEM threat watch, and a big triangle/small triangle with it. -It is just before Easter, Palm Sunday is Mar 29, and they had one of them doing a trigger hand signal, in the photo ops (see below); the trigger chat is not here it’s on a short video copy. Iran meeting photo; & left side of photo, enlarged, ‘like a wedding cake 2 tier’ visual Threats on WEM and their names are Abu Bakr and Abubaka (note, I live next to a bakery we already know they delight in including enough to try to intimidate er terrorize moi!) 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 45 Taking a few others along with these of the close up of their hands, you can see one of the frames has A large white round…knowing they do framed/shots for chat signals, this is quite possibly the third white dot, for the IS Islamic State three dots in the triangle shape that they were using in Iraq on walls with their language saying ‘Long Live the Islamic State’ …now this ‘dot’ or white round is huge compared to the others on their nose and lips in the prior discussion. Note that the time frame is just past the shooting of two police officers at the Ferguson end-Protests, with the midnight timing for ‘hands up’ after the Cdn fatwa Imam signalled with the pointed look at his wrist watch that we caught them doing, again just before this. The cops were shot one in the cheek and one in the shoulder. The culprit was caught and said he was aiming for ‘someONE=someThing’ else and MISSED. IF he was aiming for the ‘bridge of the nose’ like white dot one on Boko Haram and the heart for the other, then he MISSED alright. The Ayatoldya has also done hand signals doing the slight thump over his heart up and down up and down like a little flutter over his heart; they do secret ops stealth tools abuse with the ability to cause a heart to accelerate, I call it ‘heart ramp’. He did a small fluttering over his heart, oh a year or so ago. Given what they can do to hearts we note these things! MAR 29 BEING ASSAULTED they have my internet blocked too it’s NASA and they were ‘raping me to their study of twins’ and I am NOT an identical twin I am only fraternal. They are doing a plane Exited the runway in Halifax and we have a joke about the FBI in the salad line on the plane they are in hammering on my heart mad apes hindus at nasa wanting me to be raped to Chief Knecht here in Edmonton with their ‘rape her to the sister’ for the FBI/CIA/ he said Rapper it’s an ENEMY ATTACK they are raping me to their sick joke that the ‘sig sauer’ was susan who ‘didn’t like cigarette smoke’ … They are raping me bad they are hammering on my heart and they have the internet blocked it’s 2:am they woke me up to see it on CTV to assault me to it. I will not be blocked for long I pay for internet they will come to fix it if they have to. These are done, I plan to tell the PUBLIC LAW as soon as they stop the block when it’s daytime. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 46 The had me buy a dvd on amazon IRON FIST 2 I plan to stop the purchase. HE IS HAMMERING ON MY HEART. Monkey apes, Boko Haram and Nigerian attacks. Yeah nasa thought twins was me and they wanted the plane to be some spooky connecction with the ‘exited’ like our joke on the plane. It’s islamists attacking the jokes. The life of the rat huh…look at that thing! 2 am… Him or his hindu counterpart! Our Salad Line joke was the plane exit sign and the FBI. These apes at nasa wanted to pound on me as if the Evil Genie was putting planes around in the skies. They are mad apes. In their bs world I was doing it over their twin study??? I am not a biological he said to me, the word is identical I am not an identical twin there would be NO study that included me in any capacity I am only fraternal she is no more to me than any of my other family members. They didn’t ‘get’ that…they wanted it to be Spooky and the Zodiac Twins … Mad apes…in raping at me with ELF wave as an assault weapon, using Chief Knecht and the ‘sister’ at 2:am. It’s going in Rat Paper. No not raping me to him, just that it was him and raping me to her. Ok that’s it. I can swear, kick shit, spit if I can manage it and other vile and loathsome stuff until the powers in deep ops we know you’re there get them OFF OF ME! NASA? TAKE A HIKE! No, do your Muslim Outreach SOMEWHERE ELSE. Palm Sunday Mar 29, 2015 11:30 am They did ‘stuff’; it’s handled. Note re the next rat sheet, the new DHS guy actually seems ok. But the rest of them are still trouble, behind the scenes. Just for an ‘example’ of the infiltration plaguing deep ops. They fucked up my internet they have a new hacker shit fest on me I will finish this and just shut down. I won’t work for them like this. He said spoof they are APES not working security just trashing it …. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 47 Muslims don’t even like muslims I am not alone you all are ok with them because they are not in at you the muslims are begging them to Reform you do not help anyone to not get on the right page they NEED to Reform it‘s not just sugar coating … me? I am just sick of them. Completely. They have them 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 48 in at me for their sharia rights …bogus and all it’s more than annoying it’s creepy way way creepy .. No the muslims are NOT ‘alright’ 2112 that was kitty esp. the 2112. I am not catholic the ceremony is neat though and I like the symbolism. But I am not Catholic I am a Protestant … we can still enjoy Easter …they do up a nice happy sunny looking Easter P.S. for those of you who are not up to speed on what we are on about here, this is after all secret Deep Ops not something you are at all familiar with, however much gets coughed up from below! The NSA also-Rat Snowden, informed on a lot of the tool abuse but not all of it was revealed by the somewhat informed media to the public. There was one rat he did on the NSA using “influence, of 15 % and up” that’s influencing on a human being! Sure, like brainwashing that the CIA were developing along with the subliminal input on the screens in theatres formerly banned, but now allowed under the current USA Congress for some years now. Do they ‘influence’ the actions of animals? Oh yes, in fact the former King of Arabia now deceased liked to use it on lions, horses, etc. Great fun at the Races! Get the drift? Deeps ops coughs up… Also, the Snake Cult in it’s ancient form was revealed to me by Al Qaeda in Iraq when they were leaving after the Anbar Awakening and the Surge kicked butt! The next time I was informed of any Snake stuff it was the blind Gov. of New York and his aids pointing out to me that there were two ‘snake eyes’ on the Cordoba Mosque that Faisal Rauf was intending to build on Ground Zero! Two big black unmistakable snake eye dots front and center. He didn’t get his mosque by the way, while he was publicly pounding the New Yorkers that they were not going onto Ground Zero land, he was in fact on paper behind the scenes applying for, get this, a money Grant ‘because it was on Ground Zero land’. Outrageous didn’t cover it. He split never to be heard from again. Keep going….more on next pages…. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 49 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 50 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 51 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 52 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 53 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 54 There is a FULL MOON on May 3rd, 2015...right after the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death May 1/2011...and May 2 overseas…. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 55 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 56 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 57 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 58 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 59 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 60 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 61 And several months of fun and hoopla later…. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 62 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 63 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 64 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 65 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 66 Note: Trudeau cabinet red turban had one ear covered half way and they hit my one ear so bad I sent the Liberals an email on it and it was fixed the next day. They are saying he is Sikh yeah and there was local links to dead soldier after bin and the Sikh temple hit with tons of tools abuse chat showing huge up front …. I have no idea of this mans name or his post. The bag head on the right in grey is the head of the Military …. Singh (Sikh also) something. Post France slaughter Nov 13, 2015 - window shape somewhat suggestive of the Stadium? Not really much to go on but the enemy do enjoy using shape and pattern recognition as spin offs from their infiltration behind the scenes of this ops… There is also local new graffiti with Mers and an Orbit shape I will take a photo and include it asap. The outside of the Stadium hit in France was very much like an ‘orbit’ so it begs the question, given the timing and location. THE NEXT FEW PAGES ARE EXTREMELY CREEPY …Dec 1/2015 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 67 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 68 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 69 **ow er now I have to go watch SAW 1V, V and V1... 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 70 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 71 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 72 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 73 Check out this recent catch the FBI left behind after the search at the San Bernardino California mass Xmas party shooting and the following shootout … Dec 2015 Hatchet at their bomb making home (San Bernardino Cal. mass shooting by Islamic State Dec 2/15) Medieval cowl look to the female head cover we have a few groupings coming up the railway tracks into EU with the medieval look; more than one sporting red & green then yellow and purple for coded cloth chat, too. Korans in San Bernardino shooters’ mosque, red/green covers; also note here a Cdn muslim with books red/green/ and the blue white we also found the invaders doing cloth with, with hits in Israel, recently. I had the San Bernardino shooters identified as IS as soon as they said it was a Christmas Party since IS was on Xmas red/green in groups lately, some with the cowls for medieval times cloth and other enemy signals we had them for already. Does it make a difference? Sure when they are IS they are murdering and our side’s SWAT are on them straight up as soon as the intel cries ISIS it’ a whole new ball game for outcome. 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 74 2 Rat PI by 1st 5th 75


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