7 Creative Wedding Photography Ideas

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7 Creative Wedding Photography Ideas When it comes to wedding photography, it isn’t just about capturing in lenses what you see. The best poses rule the day. Unless you are full of inspirational poses, it is more likely that the images will be normal with nothing impressive about them. Great poses are known to ferry ordinary images from good to amazing. Whiles some of these poses come naturally, a bulk of them require learning. Let us walk through some of them. Blindfolded by her • ‘Never let the groom sees the bride in her dress before the wedding.’ You have probably heard of that, a couple too many times. Who is better placed implementing that than the bride herself? Make the shot special by having the bride cover his eyes moments before the great unveiling. It is easy to create a photo story out of this sequel when you let this magic shot take the lead. The hand kiss • There is no better way of transporting everyone to the fairy-tale land than asking the groom to kiss the hands of the bride. It is not only romantic but also gentle and appealing. Let one hand hold her around the waist as he takes her by the other hand and plants a kiss on it. The casual gaze • You do not want to miss this great shot; trust me. Simply let the couple sit in a relaxed atmosphere. The groom can take the pleasure of stretching his feet forward while the bride leans towards him, closer. It doesn’t stop there. Let the lovebirds appear to be chatting and exchanging sweet words as you capture the timeless moments. The leisure walk • Make the shots look more natural by simply adding movement. It works better when you are by the riverside or at the shores of an ocean. As they talk and chat leisurely, take as many shots as you can. Only the best will make it beyond the editing process. The weather shot • Is rain trying to spoil your photo shoot? Turn it to your advantage and let the couple have a unique shot. A perfect example is telling the groom to shield his better half using his coat as he plants a kiss in the rain. What else could be more romantic than a public rain kiss? Shoulder rest • You can ask the bride to consider relaxing on the shoulder of the groom as you aim at a wide-angle shot. For this shot, you do not need to capture the face of the groom. Just be sure to soften the look of this glamorous shot using backlighting. The first dance • In wedding photography, a couple’s firsts are very important. The first dance is more likely to come at the reception. However, you can have them practise the same at the photo shoot while you capture the drama as it unfolds. Undoubtedly, it will be part of a lasting memory within their photo album. As you might have realised, capturing the best moments out of this big day is all about creativity. You can start with these ones as you progress further. Check details: elliephoto.com/gallery/wedding

Today, the most popular and demand able photography is wedding. But this photo shoot is not easy. There are many kinds of creative ideas that's make your photo shoot unique.

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