Made to Measure Wedding Suits

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Made to Measure Shirts • Quality and durability are leading in a business of made to measure shirts. • Twills, Oxford cottons, and Herringbone’s are all available plus top quality fabrics such as Sea Island Cotton, Swiss Cottons and the best of Italian shirt fabrics. • Combine these quality fabrics with classic plain, stripe and check patterns and you will achieve the professional look that will be the envy of your colleagues. Made to Measure Suits • We believe a well tailored made to measure suit is an essential part of the businessman’s wardrobe. • There are several elements to consider when choosing a handmade business suit. • The quality and practicality of the cloth, the style, cut and fit, and of course a price to suit your budget. • We work very closely with the best British and Italian mills to provide you with the best quality, design and best choice! Bespoke Suits • we make the finest made to measure and bespoke suits for men and women. • A combination of a well made suit, great British and Italian cloths will help you stand out from the crowd. We aim to provide the best service, great clothes and outstanding tailoring. Tweed Suits • We have a capsule collection of ready to wear garments, tweed suits for men and women, ideal for wearing in town or country. • we also offer our made to measure and bespoke making services for those of you that like choosing your own fabrics, design and fit. • And, for those of you that like shooting and being out in the country side we have an extensive range of shooting suits, jackets, waistcoats and breeks. Made to Measure Jeans • 50 different denims, lined pockets, chose of seams, over 20 rivets and 20 different yarns for contrast stitching and monograms! Zip or button fly. • We ensure your jeans are made exactly to your measurements, with a style and fit that you feel comfortable and confident in. • We combine body measurements, with jeans style and the correct denim (stretch or non stretch) to produce the perfect combination. Made to Measure Wedding Suits • This is all about what the Groom wears, so listen up boys, your Bride will have spent ages deciding on a dress. Every detail examined, cross examined, questioned and bridesmaids checked. ROOMTEN LOCATIONS ADDRESS: - 4 9 D O W N I N G S T R E E T FA R N H A M G U 9 7 P H - 9 S AV I L E R O W L O N D O N W 1 S 3 P F - 6 8 L O M B A R D S T R E E T T H E C I T Y E C 3 V 9 L J EMAIL: PHONE: 01252 725009 VISIT:


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