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14-DAY TRIAL What you should know first GETTING STARTED 1. Demo 2. Trial account with demo data 3. Trial account synced with your live data 4. Subscribe to a pricing plan Trial Account ➤ URL: http://app.livestax.com/ unifiedvu/welcome/welcome ➤ Email: your email address ➤ Password: unifiedvu123 TERMINOLOGY ➤ Space: This is your working space, which is made up of a number of Pages. ➤ Page: Each Space can have a multiple number of Pages. Shown as tabs. ➤ App Store: Apps are listed in the App Store under categories. ➤ App: You add Apps from the App Store to Pages. Each App surfaces data and functionality from a software system or data source. ➤ App Menu: Options include how to revoke credentials, link to support and general settings. 1. DEMO ➤ Before: Tell us about the software you use and problems you face. ➤During: Further understanding of the issues. We demonstrate UnifiedVU, customising the demo to address the issues discussed, where possible. ➤After: Login details handed over for a 14- day trial account. 1. Your trial account comes with a number of Spaces already populated with Apps 2. Most of these Apps will be connected to demo software accounts, e.g. CRMs, Xero, Zendesk, MailChimp and Trello. 2. TRIAL ACCOUNT WITH DEMO DATA SPACE: DEMO - PIPEDRIVE, PAGE: CASHFLOW & REVENUE BLOCKER ANALYSIS ➤ Use Case: Identify the potential reasons behind why a customer is not paying on time. ➤ Xero A/R App: Click on overdue invoices to expand and then select the overdue invoice. ➤ Zendesk App: Displays any tickets associated with the customer. ➤ Bonus: ➤ Pipedrive Sales App: See the deals in the pipeline under threat. 3. TRIAL ACCOUNT SYNCED WITH YOUR DATA ➤Go to My Account Space. ➤ Select an App for which you have an existing account. ➤ Click on App Menu and find the “Remove credentials” option. ➤Once clicked, an authentication or login window will be displayed. ➤ Enter your login or authentication details to connect with your data. ➤Now you have live data to trial with. 3. SUBSCRIBE TO A PRICING PLAN ➤ We recommend you start with the Essential Plan. ➤ Visit My Account or Welcome Spaces to find the Subscriptions App. ➤ We will help you with on-boarding your team and setting up. ➤ Spaces: This is your working space, which is made up of a number of Pages. ➤ Page: Each Space can have a multiple number of Pages. Contact ➤ Manoj Ranaweera ➤ manoj.ranaweera@unified.vu ➤ +44 7769734491 ➤ http://unified.vu ➤ Customer support: support@unifiedvu.zendesk.com

Please go through the document quickly to familiarise with your trial account. It shows what you can do immediately to get to grips with UnifiedVU Platform. Please send any issues to support@unifiedvu.zendesk.com. Thank you.

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Unifying all your software. Starting with Customer 360º View by unifying customer records from sales, marketing, accounts and support into one intuitive user interface to increase customer lifetime value.


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