Call Facebook Support Number +1-800-304-9126

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Quick Steps to Connect with Facebook Help Center Open Webpage of Facebook Help Center, If you are already connected in Facebook then logged it. But If you are not log in on Facebook Then go to the Facebook page ( look on the top left side of that page and enter your Facebook email address and password. After that click on the Facebook login button icon. Using Facebook Resources Now your FB id is open, again see a top left side of that page now you see this ( ? ), move the cursor there and click. Step 2 Icon showing the help center You have the option of Facebook Help Center then again click on it Step 3 Directed page by Facebook. Submitting an Appeal for a Disabled Account Click on Better Business page. After that open, you are that page scroll down and click on icon button Submit a Complaint. If you have an issue to find that. Step 2:- Step 1:- Now the page appears in front of your Computer Screen contains three opportunity Step 3 The file you are Complaint Submit a Customer Review Report a Scam Click on File trouble, you got such type of result When your selection step is completed then Click on Process to Complaint box. last click on Proceed, and wait for an email to appear. Step 4 Step 5 Recovering Your Password Open your Facebook website ( Click "Forgot Account?", this path shows on the top right corner of your screen. A different page is open on the screen. Type your mail address or mobile number. wait for a moment, the different page will open and then, Click on "Continue" again. A code will be sent to you by Facebook on your number or the email address Now enter the code there. Set your Facebook password according to you. Contact us :- + 1-800-304- 9126 Visit Here :-

If you have any problem regarding to Facebook like Log In, Sign Up, Forgot Password, then you can contact at Facebook Support Number +1-800-304-9126.



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