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Adventures in Bali bali Bali Bali an island of endless landscape beauty is a part of Indonesia. Lying in the south eastern side of India, this tropical island has a lot to offer! If you are looking for some adventurous activities, their are plethora of things to do in Bali Adventurous Activities in Bali ● Water Rafting ● Surfing ● Scuba Diving ● Hiking Water Rafting Get your adrenaline pumped while you swing along the high driving waves of Ayung River. It will surely quench your adventure thirst and will leave you all thrilled and excited! Surfing Surfing is quite popular in Bali. Most of the beaches here has the right current to surf on it. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, you surely have your share of surfing! Canggu beach is one of the surfers favourite spot. Scuba Diving Do you love the underwater life or have great fascination to explore? Then Bali is your ultimate destination to dive and unravel the secrets of the blue water. Hiking If you are an adventurous soul you surely can’t miss hiking through Mount Batur and witness the magical sunrise here! Make your planning a trip with lots of adventurous to do list then you can surely visit to Bali for a memorable vacation! Contact Us Address: 177, Gulmohar Park Road Opp. B2 Prajapat Nagar, Green Park , Delhi - 110016 Email id - Website - Phone - +91 9971248921

Bali is one of the most scenic tropical islands beautifully nestled in the Indonesian archipelago, one of the largest in the world and with more than eighteen thousand various other islands are part of it. But Bali always stands apart, and there are numerous beautiful reasons for it. Bali is home to mesmerizing and enthralling landscapes. Along with exotic and scenic vistas, Bali has always been a hub for various water sports activities including surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet-skiing and these are some of the most adventurous things to do in Bali.


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