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An initiative of some students from the national institute beside Adyar Cancer Institute, Opposite to C.L.R.I, Sardar Patel Rd, between Guindy and Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600036. In Solidarity with the DoSA* As an independent body of students working within the premises of this place, which shall not be named, we would like to express our solidarity with DoSA for standing (perhaps sitting, we don't know) firm. We appreciate him for taking necessary and justifiable action in a thoroughly impartial manner against rogue independent bodies, amounting to one for a start. This one did violate the well laid and logical guidelines DoSA had come up this year, in a completely democratic manner. We would like to acknowledge the fact that the necessary corrections he did all by himself, in the set of rules relavent to this matter after having passed in the Students Council, but before forwarding to the Board of Studies, is a shining example of upolding democratic values. People should understand that unlike the good people such as we, who discuss important issues that the name of our forum suggests, there are rogue elements in the campus. They want to discuss about things which are non-existent -such as caste- and are generally against Indian culture. Such people are eroding the brandname of this place, which shall not be named. On the otherhand, it is important that institute should support and encourage, as it does, people who want to impose debate great ideas of Indian spirituality, the shortcomings of western science and Hindutva nationalism. We are with you and proud of you. Keep up the democratic spirit, fairness, logical consistency and non-interference in club matters. These values have been the trademark of your tenure so far. We want it to remain so. V a n d e M a a t h a r a m ! [Not the name of the other club promoted by you, mind you] * -Dean of Student Affairs. Not to be confused with any food item! Courtesy : for one usage.



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